‘He Got Secondhand Smoke’: Snoop Dogg Claims Pharrell Williams Once Abandoned Stevie Wonder After He Got ‘So High with the Rapper

Snoop Dogg and Latto teamed up for the “Musicians on Musicians” cover story for Rolling Stone, where the two rappers had a chat about their careers.

During the Oct. 24 conversation, the pair talked about their first breakout song, album, show, etc. But Snoop took the opportunity to share a funny tale involving himself, Pharrell Williams, and the legendary Stevie Wonder.

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Snoop Dogg accidentally got Pharrell "so high" off of secondhand smoke that he left their session with Stevie Wonder.
Snoop Dogg (left) says he accidentally got Pharrell Williams (right) “so high” off of secondhand smoke that Williams left their session with Stevie Wonder (center). (Photos: @snoopdogg/Instagram, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, @pharrell/Instagram)

The Long Beach, California, rapper told Latto about a studio session where he had inadvertently gotten Williams so high that it almost ended up destroying the song they were working on. In typical Snoop fashion, he said he and a few other people were smoking during the session, which took place in a “little-a— room.”

“Pharrell’s done got … he got secondhand smoke,” said Snoop. “Now Stevie in the booth and Pharrell ain’t saying s—t. Stevie in that motherf—r trying to figure out what to do.”

The “Gin & Juice” rapper claims that he told Williams to “produce” the song but by that point Williams was already “so high” that he left Wonder in the booth with no direction. He said that he tried to scramble and tell Wonder what to do, but he had no clue what to do himself.

“I’m not a producer. I told the n—a, ‘Just play anything.’” Snoop said that Wonder played the harmonica and sang, and by the time Williams came back down from his high he took “all of the good s—t” and made it work. Snoop didn’t say what song the trio was working on, but they do have a track together called “California Roll,” which came out in 2015.

The “Sensual Seduction” artist said that it was funny that after years of collaborating with each other, Williams finally couldn’t tolerate the smoke while they were working with the music legend. Snoop added that Williams was so high at the time that not only did he walk out of the session, but he also left the blind Wonder to walk himself out.

One fan who claimed they would have loved to be in Williams’ spot said, “A joint rotation wit snoop is my dream.” Another fan believes the whole incident didn’t impact the song one bit, writing, “If this is about California Roll everything worked out lol.”

This isn’t the first story to come out this year about Snoop incapacitating someone with his legendary smoking appetite. On an Oct. 2 episode of the “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” podcast, British singer Ed Sheeran had a similar story about a smoke session with the West Coast native.

The “Shape of You” singer said that he was attending a Snoop concert in Melbourne, Australia, with actor Russell Crowe when the rapper invited the pair back to his dressing room. Sheeran explained that Snoop and Crowe were two old friends having a smoke-off when Snoop asked if he wanted a hit.

He said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say he “smoked with Snoop Dogg,” so he took multiple hits, which left the singer feeling like “I can’t see right now.”

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