Former NBA Star Jeff Teague Claims He Almost Got Kicked Out Of Wake Forest While Trying to Download Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s Intimate Tape

Jeff Teague uses his great storytelling and comedic timing to talk about the time he almost got kicked out of Wake Forest.

Teague was a very accomplished basketball player. The Indiana native was a star in high school, drafted at the 19th pick in the 2009 draft, and later became a one-time all-star, and a one-time NBA champion. After playing in the NBA for 12 years, the former Atlanta Hawks star decided to end his career and find a new calling.

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The 35-year-old tried his hand at being a scout for the Hawks, but now he is the head coach of his Alma Mater Pike High School in Indianapolis. Teague is set to make his head coaching debut later this year, but some of his fans say that his true calling is in podcasting.

Former NBA player Jeff Teague says downloading Ray J and Kim Kardashian's sex tape on Limewire almost led to him being kicked out of Wake Forrest.
Former NBA player Jeff Teague says downloading Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on Limewire almost led to him being kicked out of Wake Forrest. (Photos: @jeffteague; @rayj; @kimkardashian/Instagram)

Teague, along with co-hosts Brandon Hendricks and DJ Wells, hosts the “Club 520” podcast, where the former NBA star talks about his adventures in the league. Fans have grown to love how unexpectedly funny Teague is when he talks about some of the mishaps he’s had like the Jimmy Butler situation in Minnesota, and the time the Hawks team bus left him in Detroit while he was holding a Little Caesars box.

Teague showed off his funny storytelling when he told his cohosts about the time Kim Kardashian’s sex tape almost cost him his playing career. Teague told his co-host it all started in his sophomore year at Wake Forest after someone told him about LimeWire. Teague said, “I was downloading thousands of music.”

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While downloading the music, Teague said someone asked him if he had seen Kardashian’s sex tape. The basketball player said he tried to act like he didn’t watch “stuff” like that, but once he got the chance, he went on the BitTorrent site and tried to find it. “I go type it in,” Teague said, “It’s downloading for like five days.”

Teague got a late-night knock at the door while waiting for the tape to download. He said he thought it was a female, but when he opened the door, it was the police. He said the police told him to come with them and bring his laptop, all while his coach looked disappointed.

The retired athlete said the police told him that he “downloaded over $5 million worth of music,” which he had to pay, but Teague said he didn’t have it. He got off light, as they ended up just taking his laptop for the rest of the year.

Teague’s head coach asked the police what triggered them to find out about the illegal downloads. “Kim Kardashian’s sex tape,” the policeman said, “We’ve been waiting for that sex tape, for people on this campus to get it, and everybody’s been downloading it, and we got you because of that sex tape.”

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The story made fans reminisce about their days on the torrent site. Two said, “Them Limewire days was legendary lol” and “Honestly, if the feds knew what all of us were doing with limewire and frostwire we’d all be in there with young thug too lol.”

A third wrote, “Kids nowadays won’t every get to experience lime wire.”

Teague said he didn’t end up seeing the tape until later in life and joked that he almost ended up in jail because of it. His co-hosts laughed about how the incident almost ruined his career, with one of them saying he was almost in the Netflix series, “Last Chance U.”

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