‘Monica Must of Called’: Kim Kardashian Shares Update on C-Murder’s Case After New Louisiana Law Enacted

Reality star Kim Kardashian provided an update on Corey “C-Murder” Miller’s incarceration at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Miller has been incarcerated for 20 years for a crime he says he did not commit based on testimony that has since been recanted, and Kardashian has joined efforts to have Miller released.

C-Murder Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian provides an update on C-Murder. (Photo: @cmurder / @kimkardashian / Instagram)

The former rapper was convicted of second-degree murder for the shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana back in 2002. He was convicted in 2003 and released pending a 2009 retrial in which he was re-convicted.

In 2018, two key eyewitnesses recanted their testimony, “alleging coercion by authorities,” The Associated Press reports, and Kardashian took to social media on Aug. 3 to share his story.

Kardashian noted that Miller should be granted “his day in court” after a new Louisiana law, Section 926.2, that allows people to submit new factual evidence to prove their innocence was enacted.

“Corey Miller has spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and his conviction is based entirely on the testimony of two men, whom the State dragged to trial just on material witness warrants,” she wrote. “Those men have now sworn that their prior testimony was untrue. There is no remaining evidence that even suggests that Corey Miller is any more culpable than the hundreds of patrons who were at the Platinum Club on January 12, 2002, when Steve Thomas was tragically shot.”

Kardashian went on to say that Miller was denied an evidentiary hearing despite the new law. She also claimed that Miller’s attorney tried to withdraw from the case and after the judge ordered him to continue, he failed to “call favorable witnesses to testify” for Miller. She also noted that one of the jurors told reporters that she voted guilty under duress.

“Louisiana recently enacted a new law that provides innocent people with the ability to raise a post-conviction claim of factual innocence. Mr. Miller has raised such a claim and, like all of his prior post-conviction filings, has been denied relief without even so much as an evidentiary hearing,” wrote Kardashian. “In light of the fact that the only witnesses have completely recanted their testimony, there is absolutely no remaining evidence against Mr. Miller. Corey Miller deserves a day in court to test the veracity of the recanted statements and to prove that he did not shoot Steve Thomas.”

Miller shared Kardashian’s update on his Instagram page while thanking her and everyone who has believed in him.

“It’s been a fight, and long journey for Justice,” he wrote. “Thank you @kimkardashian and EVERYONE involved over the years (praying, advocating and believing) in my innocence.”

Fans of The Shade Room also responded to Kardashian’s update on Instagram.

“She’s channeling her dad’s attorney spirit. I’m proud of the sister,” replied one. “Free Corey Miller!!!”

“Monica must of called Kim,” noted one fan, a reference to Miller’s ex-girlfriend and R&B singer Monica, who Kardashian teamed up with to raise awareness about the case.

“If she free him I won’t say nothing else bad about her lol,” joked another fan.

Kardashian ended the post by saying that while she believes in Miller’s innocence. However, her “heart goes out to the victims,” and she will pray for their healing and closure.

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