‘You Ain’t as Smart as Me’: Offset Justifies Giving Bobbi Althoff ‘a Taste’ of Her Own Medicine In Viral Interview

Rapper Offset recently spoke out about his viral interview with deadpan sense of humor influencer Bobbi Althoff

The former Migos rapper was the latest guest on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” when he was asked about his approach going into the interview with Althoff. 

Althoff hosts “The Really Good Podcast” and usually goes viral online for her awkward sit-down conversations with notable celebrities such as Drake, Shaquille O’Neal, Funny Marco, and Lil Yachty. However, her episode with Offset made headlines when the rapper flipped the tables on her, stumping her with his awkward questions and rebuttals.  

Offset says he did his 'research' on Bobbi Althoff before trolling her in her own interview.
Offset says he did his “research” on Bobbi Althoff before trolling her in her own interview. (Photo: @offsetyrn/Instagram)

“Before I step in the room, I’mma also do my research and see what’s going on,” the 31-year-old said at mark 16:27. He continued, “I ain’t never walking into nothing blind.” 

While noting that the entire interview was nothing but “positive vibes,” Offset suggested that he was “on his toes” due to Althoff’s reputation for leaving her guests speechless.

“’Cause I know how our people look at us when certain things said,” he noted. 

Offset continued, “So, I just was on my toes, and then I just wanted to give her a taste of herself too, though. Like, you ask me a crazy question? I’mma reverse it to you, and I know you ain’t gonna be as quick as me. You ain’t as smart as me.” 

The “JEALOUSY” rapper also suggested that previous guests on Althoff’s show would typically laugh off her dry, humorous clapbacks, but the jokes would still be on them. 

“Not on me,” he stated. “Not the jokes on me.” 

Toward the end of the segment, Offset congratulated Althoff for her hustle in the entertainment industry. “I don’t want her to think it’s no type of … It’s all love,” he stated. 

Offset’s explanation reached The Shade Room, where several commenters not only agreed with his way of trolling Althoff, but also praised him for beating her at her own game. 

“Set gave her a taste of her own medicine.” 

“Thus will forever be funny he ate her up so effortlessly.” 

“He gave her that energy back.” 

“She was super stuck on his answers.” 

A few days ago, Offset revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album, “Set It Off.” The 21-track project is set to feature collaborations with his wife Cardi B, singer Chlöe Bailey, rapper Latto, and many more artists.

Offset’s second highly anticipated album is set to be released on Friday, Oct. 13.

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