‘Shaq Is A Nasty Man’: Shaquille O’Neal Discusses His Newest Profession as the ‘Love Doctor’

Shaquille O’Neal caught fans off guard while revealing his hidden profession in a new interview. 

The 7-foot-1 NBA legend recently spoke with Bobbi Althoff on an episode of her “The Really Good Podcast.” A snippet of their conversation was shared on her Instagram and X.

Shaquille O'Neal reveals hidden profession in new interview.
Shaquille O’Neal reveals a hidden profession in a new interview. (Pictured: @shaq/Instagram)

In the video, Althoff asked O’Neal to introduce himself, to which he responded, “My name is Dr. Shaquille O’Neal.” 

After congratulating her latest guest on this accomplishment, Althoff then tried to take a guess at O’Neal’s specialty. 

“What type of medicine do you practice?” she asked. The basketball legend then noted that he wasn’t a doctor who practiced medicine. “I’m not a medical doctor,” he confessed. 

Taking another stab at his field, Althoff guessed, “You’re a psychiatrist?” Unfortunately, the YouTuber was wrong once again. 

“No, but I do have a minor in psychology,” O’Neal said. It seemed as if Althoff was finally picking up what O’Neal was putting down since she let out an “Oh,” before deeming the Hall of Famer a therapist. 

The father of six replied, “I can be if I wanted to… I also could’ve been a professor, but I don’t.” 

“Do you see patients regularly?” Althoff asked. The “No Hook” rapper then responded stating that he encounters patients “all the time.” 

“And they talk to you about their problems?” Althoff questioned, with O’Neal saying, “They don’t talk; they just listen.”

She then asked if O’Neal spoke to his patients about his own problems. “Yes,” he answered.



Althoff’s eyebrows rose as she brought up his clients potentially making payments. “And they pay you for that?” 

“Well, they don’t pay me,” O’Neal said. 

When Althoff asked if he took on this profession for “charity,” the self-proclaimed DJ Diesel finally revealed, “I’m the love doctor.”

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Shortly after his confession, O’Neal lifted up the dark shades that covered his eyes and wiggled his tongue. The clip showed Althoff’s shocked face before it ended. 

It can be inferred that the 51-year-old’s salacious action left an imprint on .any on the social media site X.

“Bruh Shaq a whole fool man.”

“Shaq is a nasty man lmao dawg somebody go in the cupboard and get that nasty award.”

“Aw man Shaq a free-to-play gigaloo.” 

“@SHAQ , you freaky a– frog.” 

O’Neal has made several headlines over the past few months due to his recent link-ups and DMs. In June, Diesel was caught enjoying a nice meal at a Beverly Hills Hotel with fitness influencer Brittany Renner. 


Their abrupt hangout prompted fans to warn O’Neal about Renner’s history with other male athletes and musicians in the industry. Despite the PSA, sources confirmed that there’s only friendship between the two. 

Later that month, O’Neal was accused of “shooting his shot” at Ariana Cossie aka “The Home Depot Girl” after she was attacked online for her Christian values. Once O’Neal saw the backlash Cossie faced, he decided to send an uplifting message her way. 

However, their online interaction was quickly viewed as O’Neal attempting to make a move on the young adult. Nevertheless, Cossie made sure to clarify any confusion in a YouTube video, noting that O’Neal’s note was purely innocent.

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