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‘Almost Took My Life’: Nick Cannon Reflects on Having Lupus After Being Diagnosed 10 Years Ago

Nick Cannon opened up about his 10-year struggle with Lupus during his talk show on Jan. 10. “The Nick cannon Show” is filmed in Harlem.

The actor shared his 10-year journey with viewers along with his then-wife, singer Mariah Carey. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that is difficult to diagnose in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue instead of fighting infection.

Nick Cannon lupus health
NEW YORK, NEW YORK — JANUARY 10: Nick Cannon speaks about his lupus struggle on “The Nick Cannon Show” on January 3, 2022 in Harlem, New York. (Photo by “The Nick
Cannon Show”).

The “Drumline” actor first began to feel symptoms when he was playing in the snow with his twin daughters with Carey. Cannon said out of nowhere he felt excruciating pain on his side along with acute shortness of breath. The video captured clips of Carey with Cannon as they visit doctors searching for a diagnosis.

“Ten years ago,” said Cannon.”I experienced a sudden and mysterious illness that almost took my life. At the time, I had no idea it was lupus. And, you know me, I always got to have a camera on, so I literally would just open up my phone, grab my camera and I would just talk to the camera.”

He added that he documented his entire journey and noted it was an important anniversary, so he decided to share his story.

One symptom of lupus is edema, which is inflammation caused by fluids building up in the body. In one scene, as Cannon looks at his belly in the mirror, Carey is heard in the background reminding her husband that the fluid was temporary.

“For now. It’s not forever,” said Carey.

Cannon suffered from kidney failure from the disease as well as blood clots in his lungs.

“They found two blood clots in my lungs. Really life-threatening,” the talk show host explained. “It’s the last place you wanna be, man. Doctors tell you you could die, and I’m in this room by myself just reflecting, thinking.”

He had to change his entire lifestyle, including his diet by ignoring junk food such as cupcakes and Cheetos. Cannon also began a renal diet and began eating more fruit and vegetables with potassium, and he slowly felt his strength coming back. The actor said he rose “like the phoenix from the ashes.”

Cannon believes that God works in mysterious ways, and he wants to help inspire others with his lupus struggle and triumph over the disease.

“We made it, y’all,” he concluded. “Turn your test into a testimony. Turn your mess into a message. And, I mean, we still pushing through.”

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