‘Why Didn’t You See the Best In Your Husband?’: Fans Bring Up Eva Marcille’s Ex-Husband Michael After She Uploads a Sweet Message on Forgiveness

Eva Marcille’s most recent post about forgiveness prompted fans to bring up her ex-husband Michael T. Sterling

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, the “Sister Code” star shared a post on Instagram that featured a handwritten message inside a notebook. 

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, A heart that forgives the worst, A mind that forgets the bad, And a soul that never Loses faith in God,” the quote read. 

Marcille appeared to have bracketed the message with rows sunflower images. Sunflowers are often included in every caption the mother of three shares on her page. 

Eva Marcille's post on forgiveness derails when fans mention her ex-husband Michael T. Sterling.
Eva Marcille’s post on forgiveness derails when fans mention her ex-husband Michael T. Sterling. @evamarcille/Instagram

“Good Vibrations [sunflower emoji] Energy,” Marcille wrote. 

As of this writing, her post has attained more than 20,000 likes and more than 600 comments. While the majority of commenters wrote “Amen,” seemingly in agreement with Marcille’s message, there were a few Instagram users who found it necessary to mention her relationship with Sterling. 

“I pray that you and your husband worked out your situation with prayer and forgiveness.” 

“Why didn’t you see the best in your husband and work it out ?” 

“If you truly believed this, you would have stayed in your marriage.”

“Those three kids need their father and mother.” 

The former married couple of nearly five years reportedly settled their divorce last month only four and a half months after their separation announcement. 

Many supporters of Marcille and Sterling’s relationship were left shocked when news regarding their separation broke back in May. According to the “America’s Next Top Model” cycle three winner, she and the attorney were “currently living in a bona fide state of separation.” 

Once news about their breakup reached the blogs, Sterling promised to win his family back. The couple share two young children together, and Marcille has an older daughter, Marley< from her past relationship with singer Kevin McCall. 

Although he’s not her biological father, Sterling made sure to treat his then-wife’s eldest child as his own and even adopted her in 2020. 

In May, Marcille faced backlash from fans after it was revealed that she was seeking child support for all three of her children. However, per RadarOnline, court documents showed that neither party will pay child support, alimony, or spousal support. 

The divorcees reportedly figured out a “private custody arrangement” and were given their own respective bank and retirement accounts. They also supposedly signed their divorce agreement on Aug. 3.

While it was never announced what caused their divorce, social media users inferred that their breakup had something to do with Sterling’s recent lawsuit.

The skilled lawyer was accused of driving under the influence back in February 2022, causing him to crash his vehicle into another car. The incident reportedly left the two plaintiffs with multiple injuries. 

Sterling has maintained his innocence throughout the case, but he allegedly received a misdemeanor charge for the accident. 

Despite all of the chaos, Marcille recently noted in an interview that her main focus is geared toward raising their children.

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