‘Man Adopts Your Child and Now You Want Child Support’: Fans Give Eva Marcille the Side-Eye for Demanding Child Support In Pending Divorce from Michael Sterling for Their Two Sons and Her Daughter

Fans are still torn after Eva Marcille served her estranged husband, Michael T. Sterling, with divorce papers after nearly five years of marriage.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum filed for divorce on March 23, stating that they’re “currently living in a bona fide state of separation.”

Debate erupts after Eva Marcille demands Michael Sterling pay child support for all three of their children, including her older daughter he willingly adopted. (Photo: @miketsterling/Instagram.)

Per RadarOnline, Marcille asked the courts for Sterling to provide for the care of their young kids, including medical bills. Together the estranged couple biologically share two boys; 5-year-old Michael Sterling Jr. and 3-year-old Maverick Sterling. 

The “America’s Next Top Model” winner also has a 9-year-old daughter, Marley Rae Sterling, who was fathered by her ex Kevin McCall. Sterling adopted his wife’s eldest child as his own in 2020.

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Marcille is seeking child support for all three of her children, but some Twitter users have mixed feelings about her decision.

“Eva Marcille is a bird !! The man adopts your child and now you want child support !? Holy bro don’t get married most these women ain’t s–t !! #EvaMarcille”

“She needs to contact that childs father for support. He did what he was supposed to while they were together.” 

A few opposed Sterling paying Marcille child support for Marley Rae. But many felt like it was necessary to remind folks about the definition of adoption. 

“It’s almost like when you adopt a child you become their parent and legally responsible for their wellbeing. Right?”

“He adopted the child.. that’s his child.. he’s not a stepdad.. he better open his wallet.”

“Everyone mad at the woman but he adopted the child? so its literally his kid on paper.” 

In 2017, McCall seemingly disowned his daughter, while calling out his ex and Sterling in a series of Instagram posts. Two years later, the “All the Queen’s Men” actress was granted full custody of Marley after a long custody battle with the “Deuces” singer.

That same year, Marcille changed her daughter’s last name to Sterling to mirror the rest of their family.

During a conversation on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” she explained what prompted that decision.

“After two months, we became estranged and I raised her as a single mom. The good Lord saw fit for me to meet an amazing man, Michael Sterling, who has become my husband and the father of my later children. And so, long story short, we all have the name Sterling and Marley’s the only one with her biological father’s name.”

Marcille continued, “For my family it’s amazing. I never wanted her to feel like odd man out. … She started our family, and since she’s the head as far as the kids are concerned, I felt it necessary that she take the same name that we have.”

Before the year closed, Marley Rae McCall was legally changed to Marley Rae Sterling. Although Sterling is not the soon-to-be tween’s biological father, he continuously calls her one of his three children and gushes over their bond through Instagram posts. 

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