‘Ayesha Definitely Not Bringing Him to Her Next Event’: Fans Notice Steph Curry Stealing ‘All the Attention’ After Showing Up at His Wife Ayesha Curry’s Pop-Up Shop

Ayesha can always count on her husband, Steph Curry, to have her back. But critics are convinced that the pandemonium caused by his recent support of her pop-up shop at Westfield Valley Fair Mall overshadowed the launch of her new venture.

On Aug. 2, Ayesha opened the doors to Sweet July Skin, her Caribbean-inspired skin care line, in San Jose. Patrons will have until Sept. 4 to visit. With her on the big day was the Golden State Warriors star player. Fan footage showed the couple being escorted by security to the store as a crowd of fans followed behind them and watched from higher levels of the three-story mall.

Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry at her Sweet July Skin pop-up shop grand opening in San Jose, California. (Photos: @ayeshacurry/Instagram)

When one person on social media pointed out that Steph was the big draw to the shopping center, it did not take long for others to dogpile with remarks painting Ayesha as being green with envy.

“Ayesha definitely not bringing him to her next event,” wrote one person. “You know she is mad asf he’s getting all the attention,” tweeted a second individual.

A third person commented, “Ayesha isn’t gonna like this….I cant stand it when other girls get mad that their man gets more attention, just be happy ur with STEPH CURRY. Ayesha definitely wouldn’t have been with him had he been less attractive than her. Same reason taller men get more bishes usually. Lesha.”

And a fourth commenter simply stated, “Ayesha so mad.” The mother of three has come under fire in the past after expressing a desire to experience a bit of fanfare similar to that of her husband.

After years of criticism, she revealed that the 2019 comments she made on “Red Table Talk” were pulled out of context and that she felt personally slighted by the final edit that aired online. Detractors of the couple have even gone so far as to accuse her of forcing Steph to pose for lovey-dovey photos with her that can be seen on Instagram.

While she normally does not address the swirling rumors about her marriage, or even hit back at the negative comments, Ayesha did make an exception after attending Drake’s concert in Brooklyn.

She seemingly dished a not-so-subtle response when social media users attempted to say she was jealous that the rapper shined the spotlight on Steph. “He thinks y’all are weird TBH,” she captioned a photo of her and the NBA baller while backstage at the show. In the image, Steph appears to sternly grimace at the camera.

The couple has been together for more than a decade and recently celebrated their 12th anniversary with a romantic getaway to Greece.

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