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‘I See Why Steph Got a Thing for Her Toes’: Ayesha Curry Posts Bathing Suit Photo That Has Fans Zooming In as They Bring Up Her Husband’s ‘Foot Fetish’

Ayesha Curry is racking up likes and comments full of praise after shedding a bit of clothing in her latest Instagram post.

Unlike some of her other light-hearted social media offerings, Ayesha did not share a flattering photo of herself on a whim or for vanity’s sake. Instead, she used the attention to draw supporters’ eyes to her latest asset, a skin-care line.

Ayesha Curry Photo: Ayeshacurry/Instagram

The business-minded 34-year-old put her tanned physique, which was clad in a brown bathing suit, on display as she posed with various tropical fruits and her Sweet July Skin products placed around her. Even with minimal makeup and the neutral scenery, her beauty captivated plenty of onlookers.

Ayesha wrote that the new endeavor is a “manifestation of my passion and heritage.” In the comments, followers sent congratulatory messages as well as notes proving that her husband, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, is not the only person who sees all that she has to offer.

“You look good girl purr,” wrote one fan. Another said, “Ayesha looking smooth…” And a third applauded the mother of three for finding her own lane outside of Steph’s success. “A woman who has her own…”

The image also caught the attention of men who, based on their comments, appear to be quite smitten with Ayesha. As many may recall, she came under fire when she spoke about wanting to feel attractive to other men while discussing insecurities on a 2019 episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook.

“Head to toe fine asf,” wrote one male man. Two others found themselves zoomed in on a particular part of the entrepreneur’s body that excited their senses.    

“I see why Steph got a thing for her toes!” wrote one person. Another left a similar remark when writing, “@ayeshacurry has the prettiest feet and the prettiest toes ever.”

In a 2017 appearance on “The Real” she revealed, “My husband really loves my feet. And so, like, the light was hitting them just right that day, and so I was like let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet.”

She explained that when Steph requests “nudes,” he gets a photo of her feet. “That’s what he’s getting, a picture of my bare feet. I don’t know if he’s happy about that,” she said with chuckle.

That same appearance has been the subject of backlash too. Ayesha jokingly tugged at her wedding ring when a chiseled male model appeared on set. Even now, Steph’s fans are still outraged by the playful move.

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