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‘Benzino Hit It That Night’: Bambi Exchanges Fighting Words with Momma Dee After She Brings Up Her Hot Tub Scene with Benzino

The bad blood between “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alums Momma Dee and her daughter-in-law Adizia “Bambi” Benson continues to boil. 

(Left) Bambi, (right) Momma Dee. (Photos: @adizthebam/Instagram, @therealmommadee/Instagram)

In a recent Instagram Live video obtained by @livebitez, the 59-year-old can be heard going off on her “LHHATL” cast mate Rasheeda Frost for defending her husband, Kirk Frost, after he was joined by another “LHHATL” alum, Benzino, along with Bambi and other women in a hot tub. 

Though Rasheeda and Kirk are married, she was not in attendance during the jacuzzi extravaganza. 

During the decade-old scene, Kirk was spotted enjoying himself while a female named Mary Jane sat on his lap. As for Benzino and Bambi, they appeared to be rather comfortable with each other as they cuddled up on the side of the hot tub. 

Throughout her live video, Momma Dee suggested that Bambi and Kirk would have gotten together if they were given an opportunity to. 

“When Rasheeda took up for him, I’m like Rasheeda you about a few minutes if Kirk had looked the other way, you might’ve been got too girl,” Momma Dee said. 

She continued, “So you know, don’t be all on Bambi’s side because you gonna want, OK now. Alright now. Don’t get a taste, taste of that when somebody get you again with your man. I’m telling you, you gotta be careful, you can’t take up for lying women… Because he was a few inches from being got his godd-mn self, remember that? ”

Momma Dee even insinuated that Benzino and Bambi had a sexual encounter, stating, “And Benzino hit it that night. And y’all know I’m not lying.” 

It can be inferred that Bambi caught wind of Momma Dee’s comments, for she shared a throwback photo of her with Benzino in the hot tub and attached a shady message

“This was such a fun time … Benzino was always hella cool with me,” the mother of three wrote. She continued, “I think y’all just don’t like how he look. I know it’s hard to fathom being able to date without having sex with people … but it’s a real thing.”

Bambi then added that during her time on reality TV, no one has ever, “seen me with anyone other than the person I was married to. So, I’d never let a b—h with loose teeth or the internet make me feel bad for living my life.”

She proceeded to call Momma Dee a “weird old a– lady” who is “obsessed with me.” The entrepreneur then claimed that her mother “beat the brakes” off of Momma Dee. 

Bambi responds back to Momma Dee’s video. (Photo: @adizthebam/Instagram.)

“Talk about that,” she exclaimed, “pure example of a b—h getting her a– beat and still won’t shut up! Pills, liquor and the internet is a volatile cocktail. Ima let the blogs grab this since you need some attention. Next time that toof fall out roll it up and smoke it Holiday Heart Deleting soon.” 

“Holiday Heart” was a movie about a Christian drag queen, played by Ving Rhames, who became a father figure to a 12-year-old girl after meeting her drug-addict mother. 

In response to Bambi, Momma Dee warned her to stop while she was ahead before a call to “the Social Security Office” is made “on yo mama.” 

“I know the government s–t that you done did,” the former pimp said in a new video obtained by @livebitez. “You mother f—–g had them kids for free, told godd-mn Medicare that you didn’t have a job. B—h don’t come for Momma Dee. Imma tell you.” 

She then accused Bambi and her mother of “running game” on individuals by scamming folks out of their money and lying on “federal paperwork.”

Before the video ended, Momma Dee expressed how happy she was that her son, Lil Scrappy, was able to break free from Bambi’s “poison.” 

She concluded her clapback by calling Bambi a liar.

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