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‘Not Sure Why I Was Supposed to Care’: Bambi Responds After Fans Bring Up Kirk Frost Hot Tub Scene Amid Argument with LightSkinKeisha

Bambi, the wife of rapper Lil Scrappy, isn’t here for people bashing her for her past actions.

On the March 23 episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Bambi got into a heated exchange with newcomer and rapper LightSkinKeisha because she allegedly broke “girl code.” The expecting mother claimed that a close friend of hers used to be in a relationship with Keisha’s now boyfriend Coca Vango, when Keisha began romantically getting involved with him.

Bambi felt it was wrong for the “Believa Dat” rapper as a woman to interfere in someone else’s relationship. She even said in her confessional, “I’m big on girl code and not going for a man who’s taken. That’s some fake a– wannabe City Girls homewrecker s–t.”

Bambi (L) and Rasheeda and Kirk Frost @adizthebam and @kirkfrost/Instagram

Bambi’s words quickly backfired when “LHHATL” fans brought up her chilling with Benzino, a former cast member, and Rasheeda Frost‘s husband, Kirk Frost, during the show’s earlier season. Not to mention: Her husband’s ex-fiancée, Erica Dixon, also claimed Bambi began dating Scrappy when they were engaged.

Bambi later addressed viewers calling her a hypocrite for suggesting Keisha was a homewrecker.

“Not sure why I was supposed to care about what Kirk was doing when I didn’t know him or Rasheeda at the time,” Bambi said in a now-deleted Instagram post that originally posted on Monday, March 23. “I was clearly there with the single person. It’s not that hard.”

A 2013 radio interview with Streetz 94.5 suggests that Bambi did indeed know about Kirk and Rasheeda at the time.

Despite Bambi addressing the situation, social media users continue to slam her.

“Im watching #LHHATL ans Bambi think we forgot she wqs sucking scrappy dick while he qaa with Erica 🤔”

“umm… Bambi… weren’t you just marinating in a disgusting broth of married men with Kirk and Benzino, trying to stay on the show? And then got kicked off some other shows before you landed back here to cheat with Scrappy when he was still with Erica? What code??”

“Wait wait wait hold UP bambi is bitter towards keisha but WASN’T SHE IN THE HOT TUB W/ HER HOMIE WHO WAS SITTING ON RASHEEDAS HUSBANDS COCK BUT THAT’S OK?”

“Bambi talking about @LightSkinKeisha messing with somebody in a relationship but didn’t she start messing with Scrappy when he was with Erica.”

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