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‘Love How She Reciprocated His Energy’: ‘LHH’ Star Bambi’s Receives ‘Im Sorry’ Balloons, Fans Speculate They Were Sent from Her Estranged Husband Scrappy

It appears as if the ongoing love drama between estranged spouses Adizia “Bambi” Benson and rapper Lil Scrappy will never end. The estranged couple married in 2017, and their on-again/off-again relationship has been documented through VH1’s reality series, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

In a recent post on her Insta story, Benson revealed that she was showered with different types of flowers, bears, and balloons with a message that reads, “I’m Sorry.”

While the 36-year-old never specified who sent her the gifts, she did write, “they didn’t have a balloon that said ‘nope?’” over the top of the video. 

Lil Scrappy and his wife Bambi. (Photo: @adizthebam/Instagram,

Benson’s particular caption made fans speculate that she was taking jabs at her frigid marriage with Scrappy because of his response to a fan’s suggestion to put his family back together. 

After the 39-year-old rapper uploaded a Valentine’s Day post discussing what it takes to be a real man, one fan commented, “send this to Bam.. we love y’all together… fight for your family,” and Scrappy replied, “Nope.”

If Scrappy was the one who sent his wife the large gesture of gifts, fans understood why she chose to react in such a shady manner. 

“I love how she reciprocated that same energy.”

“Lmaooo right don’t be trynna be funny for IG fighting for your family in private.”

Other fans created theories that Scrappy was not the one who sent his wife those gifts, and others suggested the gifts weren’t actually for Benson. 

“Plot twist: She sent that s–t to herself.”

“It’s for the kids.” 

Benson and Scrappy share three kids together: two daughters and one son. Scrappy also has an older daughter, Emani, from his previous relationship with reality TV star Erica Dixon. 

Though it’s unclear what terms Benson and Scrappy are currently on, it’s clear that Benson had some ill feelings toward her husband, which she let out into the atmosphere with a diss track, alleging that Scrappy had multiple infidelities.

Benson released a freestyle using the beat from Future’s popular song “Wait for U” featuring rapper Drake and Nigerian singer Tems. 

In her rap, the 36-year-old also noted that she was thinking about trading her wedding ring in for an expensive necklace. 

Rumors about a possible separation began just as the new year approached. The Jasmine Brand reportedly was first to issue a story about their estranged marriage, saying that sources “allegedly confirmed that they spent New Year’s Eve separately.”

Despite there being trouble in paradise, it seems as if Scrappy still follows his wife on Instagram. It’s uncertain if Benson returned the favor because she is the only person who is able to see her followers. 

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