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‘Walking In My Authenticity’: Tia Mowry Unapologetically Puts Two Middle Fingers Up After Critics Accuse Her of Seeking ‘Attention’ on IG Following Divorce

Tia Mowry has a strong message for haters who say she’s looking for attention on social media.

The mom of two recently uploaded a video on Instagram where she shows off a classy look of her wearing a floral puffy-sleeved blouse, blue denim pleated skirt and navy blue closed-toe pumps.  

Tia Mowry
Tia Mowry claps back at haters by giving them two middle fingers. (Photo: @tiamowryInstagram)

In her video, the “Twitches” actress seemingly addressed the recent hate she’s been receiving for living in her truth as a newly single woman. 

As previously reported, Mowry announced that she and her husband, Cory Hardrict, were divorcing after 14 years of marriage and 22 years together. The former couple shares two children together: 11-year-old Cree and 5-year-old Cairo. 

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Throughout this new and unfamiliar journey, the 44-year-old has invited fans along by creating fun-filled content centered around self-love, placing boundaries and healing. While her posts are harmless, Mowry has racked up haters who suggest that she’s “doing too much” or is looking for attention. 

Despite kickback, the 4U by Tia founder continues to do as she pleases while remaining unbothered. During her recent video, fans can see Mowry putting up her middle fingers while dancing to a Beyoncé and Fergie mashup titled “Sorry I’m Glamorous.”

This funky tune mixed Yoncé’s 2016 hit, “Sorry,” and Fergie’s 2006 pop song, “Glamorous.” 

After giving fans a piece of her mind, Mowry pointed to hateful comments featured in the video from some of the same people critical of her more recent posts by referring to her as “trashy,” “sad” and “desperate for approval.”

“The older I get, the more I’m learning to not be a people pleaser,” her caption began. “I’m realizing that walking in my authenticity is all that matters to me, but with that, comes the opinions of other people.”

Mowry said she previously felt weighed down by social media users and their negative opinions until she realized that their hateful words have no bearing on who she is as a person.

She continued writing, “Learning that it has everything to do with them and very little to do with you can help you shake it off and keep it pushing. What tools do you use to combat negativity in your own life?” 

The majority of Mowry’s comments section was filled with support from users who urged her to let the hateful comments roll off her back. 

“They want you to be sad, miserable & crying so bad. Please stand in every ounce of your happiness unapologetically!”

“They say your 40s are freeing and Tia is FREE.”

“Why are people so pressed about Tia? She can wear what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. She creates her own rules for HER life. If y’all life boring then just say that. Cuz why y’all even on her comments wit so much negativity?” 

Last month, Mowry and Hardrict’s separation was officially finalized. Both parties will share joint legal and physical custody of their two kids. 

Information surrounding the reason for their split hasn’t been pinpointed, though Hardrict recently slammed accusations that he stepped outside of their former union with another woman. 

The former beloved couple may no longer be together, but Mowry and Hardrict have both made public comments about maintaining a healthy relationship with each other in spite of their love story ending.

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