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‘He Sick of Tia and Her High Heels’: Tia Mowry’s Effort to Embody Rihanna Is Quickly Shut Down By 11-Year-Old Son Cree, Fans Say He’s Over Her Antics

Tia Mowry’s attempt to embody her “inner Rihanna” was quickly shut down by her 11-year-old son, Cree Hardrict. 

In a recent Instagram video, Mowry was seen strutting in a leopard bodysuit with knee-high boots. Obviously feeling herself, Mowry decided to ask her son if he liked her outfit. 

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Tia Mowry and Cree Hardrict. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

As she waited for her son’s answer, Mowry’s large smile quickly transformed into a dropped jaw after Cree honestly responded, “No.”

Taken aback by her son’s answer, 44-year-old Mowry wanted to know why he disliked her cheetah outfit

“It’s a bathing suit,” Mowry stated, but her son did not believe her. 

“Oh really? It’s a bathing suit, then why are you wearing high, high shoes, huh?” he asked. 

“They’re boots!” Mowry fired back. However, her son was not changing his answer. 

“Don’t care,” Cree said after “The Game” actress named Beyoncé and Rihana as examples of icons who also rock that kind of look. 

“I was trying to channel my inner Rihanna but Cree was NOT a fan [laughing emoji] Y’all he really can’t with me LOL,” Mowry wrote as her caption. 

The video received over four million plays, but the mom of two decided to turn her comment section off for unknown reasons. 

Though fans weren’t able to comment under Mowry’s actual video, they did state their opinions under The Neighborhood Talks repost, where the outlet asked if fans were “feeling” her statement ensemble. 

“We’ve all had that moment when our mama was doing tew much.”

“Kids always think they’re the parent.”

“He sick of Tia and her high heels.”

“Them boys do not care and ain’t playing with they moms.”

Cree has no problem telling his mother exactly how he feels whenever she drastically changes her physical appearance. In December, Mowry rocked a honey-blond hairdo with bangs and decided to see how her son felt about it. 

As soon as he entered the house, Cree’s focus zoomed in directly on his mother’s hair, asking if it was a permanent change or just a wig.

“You’re not supposed to let all these people know it’s a wig,” Mowry suggested. 

Relieved that his mother’s blonde, shoulder-length hairdo was not a lasting change, he confessed that he preferred her with her natural curls. 

Mowry’s natural curls are not just loved by her son but also by fans, so much so that the actress decided to start her own hair care line, 4U byTia, for people who’re on a healthy, natural hair care journey. 

4U by Tia was launched on Jan. 30 and already has over 28,000 followers on Instagram.
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