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‘He Can Stop Bunnyhopping’: Dr. Umar Weighs In On Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors’ Alleged Relationship, Says It’s a Good Look for Both Actors Amid Majors’ Domestic Violence Case

The rumored romance between Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good is the latest celebrity pairing to make headlines.

Majors, 33, is in the throes of a legal battle to prove he did not assault a white woman who is believed to be his now-ex-girlfriend in March. The serious allegations resulted in multiple misdemeanor charges. As a result, the rising star has lost out on future gigs and seen his pristine image become tarnished.

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors reportedly are dating after being spotted together at the airport. (Photos: @meagangood/Instagram; Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

But despite his ongoing woes, Majors has reportedly been finding support and companionship with the “Harlem” actress. Social media users were blindsided by the bombshell revelation over a week ago.

Among the online chatter about their courtship, Dr. Umar Johnson’s delight in finding out that Majors is dating a Black woman has stood out.

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The self-identified Prince of Pan-Afrikanism expressed how pleased he is about the pairing by writing, “This is good for both of them. She can leave the puppies alone and he can stop bunnyhopping,” in an Instagram post. It included a screenshot of TMZ’s May 13 exclusive breaking the news of the rumored relationship.

Umar’s nod of approval continued with unsolicited career advice for both actors.

“You two should produce your own movies now, get some independent financing from Bob Johnson, Kanye, Tiger [Woods] or the Carters. Screw Hollywood. Don’t rule out Tyler Perry either, he can use some new faces in his films. Welcome back to the Afrikan race family,” he wrote.

The post proved to be divisive among Umar’s followers, who openly expressed either support for or disdain for the alleged romantic partners. Some of the comments include:

“If he’s abusive why do we want him dating an amazing lady like Meagan good she deserves better.”

“She can do better.”

“I’m glad that he’s coming back home! lol! #SupportBlackLove.”

“I pray she pours into him because hollyweird is trying to buck break him ! He’s lost more movie deals and endorsements although these allegations was found to be false!! Im glad he is with a beautiful Blk queen.”

Music and filmmaking vet Dame Dash also advised Majors to make his own movies independently, adding, “I bet he’d make more doing it himself.”

Following reports about the actors dating, Page Six snagged photos of Good and Majors holding hands and grabbing food before boarding a plane for a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

June will mark the one-year anniversary of Good’s, 41, and her ex-husband DeVon Franklin’s, 45, divorce. The former couple had been married for nine years when they announced their split in December 2021.

“We are incredibly grateful for the life-changing years we’ve spent together as husband and wife. We are also extremely thankful to God for the testimony being created inside us both and for blessing our lives with each other,” they said in a joint statement at the time.

Neither has disclosed details about what led to the breakup. But in January, Good opened up about being able to start a new chapter after the marriage, which she considers a success despite its end.

“I feel like I get to start my life over in some ways and have a second chance at whatever’s supposed to be next,” she told the hosts of “The View.” “I’m really embracing that, excited about it. I don’t know what to expect, and that’s kind of amazing,” Good added.

As for what is next for Majors, the actor is expected to appear before a judge for a second court hearing on June 13. The last two years have been transformative for the Yale alum leading up to his role in the critically acclaimed 2021 film “The Harder They Fall.”

From there, he snagged a coveted spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kang the Conqueror. The villainous role saw him appear in seasons one and two of Disney’s “Loki” and in this year’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania.”

Before the domestic assault case, Majors was expected to appear in “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars,” though his MCU future now hangs in the balance.

This month has also seen his “Creed III” co-star and real-life friend Michael B. Jordan promote their box office hit in Japan sans Majors, who plays the antagonist Damian Anderson. Also noticeably absent from the second leg of the promo tour is actress Tessa Thompson, who plays Jordan’s love interest, Bianca. 

Majors’ legal team has stood firm in professing his innocence as projects have fallen by the wayside and his talent management and PR firms have severed their ties to him.

“This is a witch hunt against Jonathan Majors, driven by baseless claims,” said attorney Priya Chaudhry after a May 10 virtual court hearing.

Weeks after “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” standout was accused of slapping, pushing, and twisting the arm of his alleged girlfriend, Chaudhry released text messages allegedly sent by the woman. In them, the woman appeared to take the blame for what transpired on the night of March 25.

“I’m sorry you’re in this position… I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone,” read the messages. She also professed her love for Majors. The messages never received a response.

Chaudhry was confident the texts would shed light on Majors’ innocence, but instead they stirred more confusion among his fans.

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