‘How Did It Get this Far?’: Rick Ross and DJ Envy Shock Fans After Hitting Below the Belt In Online Car Show Beef, Rapper Calls Radio Host a ‘Beige Boy’ and Jokes About His Kids

DJ Envy and Rick Ross are steadily trading barbs online as they both rev up for their respective car shows.

The radio personality will host his annual Drive Your Dreams show in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 28, while Ross plans to host his VIP event at his Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, on June 3.

DJ Envy and Rick Ross. (Photos: The Breakfast Club/YouTube and @Richforever/Instagram)

On May 22, Envy upped the ante when he wore a costume cop hat and uniform shirt on “The Breakfast Club.” To make sure fans knew he was imitating Ross, Envy stuffed the shirt to make it appear as though he had a large stomach, and mocked the rapper’s voice.

The Florida native worked as a corrections officer from 1995 to 1997 in Miami. In the past, he publicly has avoided questions about the gig, as it seemed to contradict his rap persona and lyrics about “moving weight.”

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But in a 2022 interview for “The Full Send” podcast, Ross acknowledged his past job, and disclosed why the career was short-lived. None of that mattered to Envy, who set out to prove a point.

“Friday, you know, Ross went at me for like 10, 12 hours, I could tell he was rattled,” said Envy when asked why he donned the getup. “I could tell something was wrong, so I wore this today to make him feel a little more comfortable.”

Envy explained that Ross seemingly was upset by him saying that he “Airbnb’d” his estate in a separate video. Parts of Eddie Murphy’s “Coming 2 America” movie were filmed at Ross’ Fayetteville mansion in 2021.

Hours after the radio show clip began circulating on social media, the Wing Stop franchisee hit back in his Instagram Story.

“DJ Envious, Envious, I know you still at work on the Charlamagne Breakfast show, but when you get off work, Envious, this is swimming pool number two,” said Ross as he showed off a pool on his property.

The Maybach Music Group founder previously took a dig at Envy by playfully saying that he, his wife and his sons had launched a cleaning service and would take care of his estate’s needs.

His jab continued, “Guess what I want this time? I want you and your boys to come out, and I want you to set up a DJ booth and I want your boys to break dance … I want them to break dance to The Beastie Boys ‘Licensed to Ill’ ‘Brass Monkey.’”

In other videos, Ross even brought Evny’s wife, Gia Casey, into the drama, noting that she would help clean up as well.

While the two men have been at the center of the bulk of the back and forth, 50 Cent did find himself brought into the fold. Envy posted a photo with the television mogul, who has been at odds with Ross in the past. In the caption, the DJ dug his heels deeper into the sparring session when he used Ross’ lyrics against him.

“It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads, Guess every team doesn’t come complete with n—gas like ours, That’s why I see no need to compete with n—gas like y’all,” he wrote from the rapper’s song “Stay Schemin’.”

The not-so-subtle jab sparked a flurry of fan reactions. They wrote:

“He needed back up soft lightskin move.”

“Wait til Ross wake up, he gonna drive them cars around that yard in circles all day talking s—t.”

“Bro, you and @richforever faker than the WWF with this made up “car show” beef . It’s corny.. both of y’all just wanna sell tickets so just say that…y’all will be posing together next week. Stop with fake beef culture cause our young kids are dying in these streets.. y’all Ninja Turtles pushing 50 years old.. grow up!”

“Bro it’s a car show not the streets lol.”

“How did it get this far?”

The ongoing digs about who has the bigger car show kicked off when the “Teflon Don” artist joked during a May 13 appearance on “Drink Champs.” that the “beige boy” is not, and will never be on his level.

He doubled down on his stance in an Instagram post where he said, “Bow down, Envy. Bow down, beige boy. You a beige boy! And make sure my people good. We been had these. We show love, for real. You just marketing.”

The proud New Yorker addressed the remarks on the air while hosting his and Charlamagne the God’s syndicated radio show. He stated that his show is about the community of car lovers, hence the reason he does not charge hundreds of dollars for tickets to the event.

Only time will tell if the fan theory of a fake beef is being used to drum up ticket sales for the two car shows.

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