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‘Envy Was Never on My Level’: Rick Ross Says He’s Expecting Around 7,000 People at His Annual Car Show, Claims DJ Envy’s Show Can’t Compete with His

Rick Ross‘ upcoming car show has been talked about for weeks, and the conversation likely won’t die down until it takes place next month.

The rapper’s neighbors have expressed anything less than enthusiasm about the annual event taking place on Ross’ 235-acre estate.

And now there’s talk of DJ Envy holding his annual car show around the same time — something Rozay seems to not be worried about when it comes to the possibility of competition or comparison. 

(L) Rick Ross (Pictured: @rozay/Instagram) (R) DJ Envy (Pictured: @djenvy/Instagram)

Da Biggest Boss recently appeared on the podcast series “Drink Champs” to discuss his different businesses, music, and upcoming ventures with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN.

Ross’ second car and bike show is slated to be held at his Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Georgia — six days after Envy’s “Love for the Streets” car show in Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Envy’s event is in celebration of late rapper Young Dolph. The 36-year-old was shot and killed on Nov. 17, 2021, while at a cookie store in Memphis. Though he made a name for himself as a beloved lyricist, Dolph spent his free time racking up cars; he owned approximately 10 automobiles before his passing.

“The Breakfast Club” host also has another car show in Houston, Texas, which is scheduled to take place the weekend of Juneteenth and Father’s Day.

When asked about the New York native’s forthcoming affairs, the “Biggest Boss” made it abundantly clear that he is not intimidated or bothered by Envy’s shows.

“Envy was never on my level.” the 47-year-old teased. “I wouldn’t do that to Envy. I rock with Envy.”

He continued, “I like Envy. I f–k with Envy, you know what I’m saying. But in the car game, he not ready for that. You know, but I support his s–t. And anybody that go there, you got a lot of heart. Anybody that go to Envy s–t. I f–k with you too.” 

Last year, DJ Envy jokingly solidified the idea that the two men had “car show beef” after they exchanged words on social media about their own highly anticipated events. 

“You can pick your favorite five foreign cars, your most expensive and I got one watch that cost more than them,” Ross said in a now-expired Instagram Story. 

While on air, Envy responded to the “Hustlin’” rapper by confirming his plan to bring all of his vehicles to Ross’ property. 

“Make sure you have room on that little property that you have,” the 45-year-old said before retracting his statement. “I’m just joking; he got the biggest property.”

According to Ross, his property is looking to hold around 7,000 people come June 3 despite his neighbors’ vocal displeasure about the venture. 

As previously reported, Ross’ neighbors were so turned off by his first car and bike show that they decided to sign a petition opposing his second one. Though their attempt was not successful, a few of the concerned citizens also vocalized their decision to go on vacation to avoid any possibility of potential chaos.

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