‘He Was Drunk Drunk’: Shemar Moore Crashes White Comic’s Stand-Up Set with Cringey Commentary About Black Comedians

Shemar Moore fans were left laughing and cringing after the actor made his impromptu stand-up comic debut earlier this month.

Moore, 53, was in the audience for one of comedian Matt Rife’s performances at the Ontario Improv, where the jokester performed multiple shows over the May 5 weekend, when he became a major component of the set.

Shemar Moore and Matt Rife. Photo: Mattrife/Instagram

A video of Moore heckling Rife, 27, blew up online after Rife shared clips of the encounter on TikTok. It all began when the actor told the comic, “You ain’t a n—ga but act like one” while seated in the audience. It wasn’t long before he made his way on stage.

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The “Criminal Minds” star went on to disclose that he and his girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon, came to the show after she revealed that she was attracted to the younger talent. While the “Young & the Restless” hunk said there was no way that he would let Dizon’s fantasy of hooking up with Rife come true, he did dish out compliments to the rising comic.

“The motherf—ker’s funny, and he’s pretty, and no, but like, pretty people ain’t supposed to be funny,” said a seemingly intoxicated Moore as he slurred his words. The new father then named a few notable comedians who, in his opinion, were undeniably funny but lacked Rife’s charm.

“Kevin Hart is not pretty. He’s short and he’s funny. Chris Tucker, motherf—ker d–n, OK. Dave Chappelle is rich as f—k. He’s not pretty,” he continued. “I’m pretty godd—nit. Well, I was, I was. I’m getting a litter older and I’ve got a broke foot, I got pink shoes on. This motherf—ker is pretty. “

The crowd erupted into fits of laughter throughout the four minutes that the 1990s heartthrob was on stage. But in the comments online, his antics stirred a range of reactions.

Two separate people acknowledged that the actor was clearly not his usual sober self. They wrote, “He was drunk drunk!!!” and “He was indeed drunk lol.”

“Drunk Shemar Moore is the best hype man hahah never thought I needed to see that,” wrote a third person.

And a fourth comment read, “I like how he’s like ‘I don’t have any jokes’ and then proceeds to make the audience & comedian laugh their a— off for 2 mins straight lmaooo.”

But more than a few people disagreed with the former soap opera star’s take on Tucker’s looks.


“I’m sorry Chris tucker was fine,” said one person defending the “Rush Hour” star.

“Did he mean Chris Rock bc I always thought Chris Tucker was kinda cute,” read a second comment.

“Everyone has their definition of pretty I guess because…” wrote another.

There is at least one thing that both Moore and his fans actually agree on, and that is the future of his hit show “S.W.A.T.” After the CBS cop drama was canceled, Moore and his supporters blasted the network for what he called a “f—king mistake.”

CBS ultimately reversed course and greenlit a seventh and final season. Moore also snagged extra credit as an executive producer to complement his leading man status.

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