‘Life Flashed Before Yo Eyes’: 50 Cent Chimes In After Fans Roast Druski After His Dramatic Fall on Stage

50 Cent is back to his trolling ways after seeing a video of social media star Druski falling on the stage.

The rapper recently tweeted a viral video of Druski taking a small tumble during a recent show in Dallas. And while Druski is the true comedian, 50 Cent was the one who was cracking the jokes.

50 Cent (right), Druski (left): (Photos: Instagram/@50cent, Instagram/@druski)

In the caption of the video, Fif wrote, “Nobody told me Druski died, i send my condolences to his family and loved ones. boy WTF happened here? who put that last step there like that? LOL somebody gotta die!” 

The clip shows Druski on stage holding a mic eyeing down a white woman — who appears to be a part of the show —  as she walks by him. It’s clear he likes what he sees and begins to make his way down the small set of stairs from the stage to go talk to her. 

Unfortunately, the last stair swept out from under him just as he stepped on it, causing him to fall. 

The entire audience reacted, including Druski. Still holding the mic, he lay on the floor saying “sh-t” as some other men on stage jokingly called for help. Even the lady added her two cents to clown Druski, saying, “He not ready, he not ready.” 

The comedian took a minute to get up until the DJ started to play the popular twerk song “Back That A** Up” by Juvenile. Druski said, “Hold up! B-tch, I almost twisted my ankle.” He later jokingly added, “If it ain’t snowing I ain’t going.”

Druski went on to curse out the security on stage for not catching him before he fell. In a teasing voice, he said, “I ain’t paying y’all n—as $2 an hour for nothing,” as the crowd roared with laughter. 

Other notable celebrities chimed in on the video, but instead of reposting it like 50 Cent they just wrote it in the comments. NAACP award winner Kevin Hart wrote, “Oooommmmmgggggg…..yo life flashed before yo eyes man!!!!”

NFL free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. also had a few words. “Bruhhhh reallly almost fkeddd his shxt uppppp,” he said.

Fans joined in, with one saying, “That was our ancestors stopping you” and another adding, “See what happens when you run in the SNOW.”

Many easily noticed Drusku’s ankle-rolling fall, but it’s unclear if he was seriously hurt. He also shared photos from the Dallas show that show on stage in a wheelchair. Drukski’s next performance is in Memphis, TN on March 30.

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