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‘I Just Thought … I’mma Outlive All My Kids’: Master P Opens Up About His Daughter’s Fatal Overdose, Vows to Help Others Tackle Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Master P hopes that his stories of pain and triumph will help the youth overcome the stigmas surrounding mental health and understand the pitfalls of substance abuse.

The No Limit Records founder recently returned to his hometown of New Orleans, where he spoke about the aforementioned topics with dozens of students at Einstein Middle School. He also opened up about his personal experience with losing a loved one, his daughter Tytyana Miller.

Master P and his daughter, Tytyana Miller. (Photos: @masterp/Instagram, @romeomiller/Instagram)

In May, Tytyana passed away at the age of 25. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroners Office confirmed that her death was caused by an accidental fentanyl overdose. The former actress struggled with depression and addiction for nearly a decade.

Tytyana spoke about some of her challenges with her brother Romeo Miller and her father on the show “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

While in the auditorium with students, the mogul saw hands rise when asked if anyone knew someone or had a loved one who passed away due to gun violence or a drug-related incident. Even more, hands rose when Miller asked if students understood that receiving an education was essential to building a brighter future.

“That’s where it’s going to start at today,” he said. “I got a brother dead. I got a brother incarcerated. I changed my life because of accountability.”

Segueing to Tytyana, he added, “I just thought it was like, you know what, I’mma outlive all my kids until I ended up at a funeral with my daughter. That’s when I knew mental illness and substance abuse is real. So you guys can sit in this room and take this lightly, then we gone lose.”

The sudden loss of Tytyana temporarily fractured the relationship the mogul shares with Romeo. When the “Make ‘em Say Ugh” rapper publicly acknowledged the passing of Stephen “tWitch” Boss in December, Romeo expressed frustrations toward his dad.

The former University of Southern California baller accused his father of avoiding Tytyana’s years-long struggles. Romeo noted that his father seemed to have the capacity to pay tribute to Boss, a man he did not personally know.

The two traded barbs online but seemed to have made amends in recent months.

Now, Master P says his focus is helping NOLA residents, especially the youth, see that they do not have to fall victim to life’s challenges.

“If I can let people in this city know how can we save our kids, how can we save our relatives, how can we save our loved ones. It starts with communication,” he told news outlet WDSU.

“We tryna save lives, change lives to talk about it. Get it out. Communicate. Deal with a counselor. Talk with a parent. Talk to a friend. We gotta come together and stop being ashamed,” added the former entertainment executive.

On Instagram, the 52-year-old shared that he was on a “You Are Not Alone Mental Illness Tour” and will speak at another school later this month.

Last year, Master P held his first birthday bash in his hometown. This year’s purposeful concert will help bring mental health awareness to New Orleans at the benefit concert on April 28th at the Smoothie King Center. 

In conjunction with his birthday celebration concert, the You Are Not Alone Foundation will also help bring more awareness to this issue.

Fans saluted the father of nine for staying connected to his community. They wrote:

“Maaannnnn!!! Every time I think you have done so much!! You do more!! Thank you for trying to save and help our people!!”

“Thank you for sharing your families story P. Sharing that is not easy and to hold that every for healing others is a whole other level of grace. All love.”

“Love your genuinality! You are with our ppl wit boots on the ground. Your work speaks for itself. Keep up the great work!”

Master P has a long track record of giving back to his hometown. After the untimely passing of his daughter, he became an ambassador for Nami (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for mental health advocacy. He aims to help reach families and others who may go through the same or similar issues.

Last year, his foundation, Team Hope, led relief efforts after tornadoes swept across the city, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. He also lent a helping hand to residents who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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