What Happened to Master P’s Daughter: Romeo Miller and Master P’s Online Feud Explained

Rapper and entrepreneur Master P and his oldest son Romeo Miller have been involved in a very public family dispute on the heels of Miller’s Instagram post allegedly throwing shade at his father. This post came after the Dec. 14 death by suicide of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who gained fame as a dancer and former DJ for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” a person Miller referenced as someone his father didn’t know. On social media, Miller wrote of how his dad took the time to post about tWitch’s death while he’s been one to “avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression.”

(L) Romeo Miller @romeomiller/Instagram (R) Master P @masterp/Instagram

In addition to his story upload, Miller posted a poem to his page, entitled “The Tree of Trauma,” which includes questions such as, “Why is being right to strangers so much more important than being vulnerable at home?”

The work that includes his name as the author also read, “Why is it that I’m soaring and my siblings are not? Probably because our father didn’t give them the same time on the clock.” 

Miller’s frustration received notice from fans who speculated that the “My Girlfriend” rapper’s Instagram stories and posts surrounded the recent death of his younger sister, Tytyana Miller, and how his father reportedly refrained from acknowledging her struggle. 

Master P addressed his son’s comments by way of Instagram, where he urged Miller, whom he says he hasn’t seen “in months” to “Stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you.” He noted that he “wont tolerate disrespect.”

Miller quickly clapped back, exposing that Master P’s reported attempt to bring their family together following Tytyana’s death was actually orchestrated by Miller himself. 

“I’m the one who settee up the family meeting to talk after Tyty death, that meeting was regarding as disrespectful or being transparent.” 

Many followers are familiar with what happened to Tytyana Miller, but there are others who are just learning.

Tytyana Miller died on May 27, 2022, in San Francisco from an accidental fentanyl overdose. According to TMZ, Tytyana was “pronounced dead on the scene – she was not taken to a hospital.” 

Tytyana’s struggle with addiction and depression was documented throughout her time on “GUHH,” where fans could even see her oldest brother and dad encouraging her to go into rehab. 

Since his daughter’s death, Master P has spoken out about how she inspired him to begin highlighting substance abuse awareness. 

Miller also has spoken about his sister through poetry, including a poem he wrote for her as a birthday gift in August. 

Master P ultimately apologized to Romeo after their recent online beef. Master P believes the real issue stems from money, not his daughter.

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