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‘If He Ain’t Ready He Shouldn’t Ask’: Tamar Braxton Sparks Debate After Saying ‘It’s Time to Move on’ If You’ve Been Engaged for More Than Six Months

Tamar Braxton’s opinion on the longevity of an engagement has sparked mixed reactions from fans on social media. 

In the latest episode of “Dish Nation,” Jessie Woo, Gary With Da Tea, Tanner Thomason, Headkrack, and Braxton gave fans an update on budding romances in the industry. 

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Nearly two minutes into the show’s segment, the cast discussed their thoughts on the speculated romance between rapper Tyga and newly single pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne. 

Gary with Da Tea suggested that Lavigne was wrong for breaking off her year-long engagement to ex-fiancé Mod Sun just to seemingly jump right into another relationship. 

Before the 42-year-old entertainer could even finish his statement, Braxton interrupted with her own proposal about Lavigne’s alleged choice of action. 

“First and foremost, if you’re engaged to somebody for a year and you don’t have a wedding it’s time to move on,” Braxton said as gasps came from her cast mates. 

Braxton continued to support her statement by explaining that an engagement should not take more than six months. 

“If I get engaged, it’s six months and that’s it, that’s all you got with me,” Braxton said. 

Dish Nation shared a 30-second clip from the show on Instagram, where fans in the comment gave their own opinion surrounding the topic. 

“I think people should be allowed to move on their timing. The problems come in when listening to outsiders instead of your partner and your heart.”

“I agree with you Tamar! Life is too short to waste ones time in a stagnant relationship. Date with intentions.”

“I dont think a year is that bad to plan a wedding!! If it goes on for several years and no wedding, that’s a problem.”

There were also a few comments that didn’t understand why Braxton, an apparently single woman, is discussing the business of those who are in a relationship. 

“If he aint ready he shouldnt ask in the first place.”

“The single ladies are giving advice.”

Braxton may be single now, but she was married for nine years to her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, and previously engaged to Nigerian businessman David Adefeso. 

Braxton and Herbert met in 2003 after the “Love & War” singer’s older sister, Toni Braxton, introduced them. While they met in 2003, the former couple wouldn’t be married until 2008. 

Their relationship was heavily documented on Braxton’s popular reality show “Braxton Family Values” and then later on their own spinoff, “Tamar & Vince.” In 2013 Braxton and Herbert welcomed their only child together, Logan Vince Herbert.

After several infidelity accusations and financial troubles, the couple decided to part ways and seem to now have a healthy co-parenting relationship. Some fans have even expressed interest in Braxton and Herbert hopefully finding their way back to each other

As for Adefeso, he and Braxton met in 2018 before her divorce from Herbert was finalized. The pair began dating while the Grammy-nominated artist was still technically married and eventually got engaged in 2020. 

However, trouble quickly seeped in after Braxton’s alleged suicide attempt, which was later followed by accusations of domestic violence. Accusations of infidelity let to the end of their engagement, but they appear to be in a better place, for they were recently spotted out together in July 2022 during Essence Fest. 

Braxton has had her fair share of relationships in the past. While she may not currently be seeing anyone special, she does have enough experience with marriage and engagements to share her personal thoughts.

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