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‘Does That Mean I Have ‘Brusbands?’: Fans Crack Jokes After Tamar Braxton Questions If It’s Cool That Two of Her Exes Wished Her Ex-Husband Vince Herbert Happy Birthday

Tamar Braxton may be single, but that hasn’t stopped her former partners from maintaining a relationship with one another. 

The 45-year-old started a new journey as a new host for the American broadcasting show “Dish Nation.”

Tamar Braxton. (Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram.)

Giving fans a sneak peek at the latest conversation on the show, Braxton uploaded a clip of herself asking if it’s weird that some of her exes keep in contact. She went on to reveal that two of her former lovers sent her ex-husband, Vince Herbert, a message for his happy birthday on Jan. 27.

“True scenario,” Braxton said, “Vince birthday was the other day. Two of my exes called him and said happy birthday. Is that weird?”

Without hesitation the four additional hosts – which include rap legend Da Brat, rapper Headkrack, actor Gary “With Da Tae” Hayes, and Tanner Thomas – all let out a unified, “Yeah.”

Shocked at their response, Braxton questioned them once again, “It is?”

After hearing her hosts’ opinions surrounding her “unusual” situation, Braxton jokingly suggested that she had “brother husbands,” which is identified as more than one man being romantically tied to one woman. “So does that mean I have brother husbands?” she said before looking into the camera.

The jokes continued to fly out from the host’s mouths, one, in particular, stating that Braxton had found herself a pair of “brusbands.” 

“Let me find out I’m Kody [laughing emojis],” she wrote as her caption of her video. “Can’t wait to dish with y’all. @dishnation #brotherhusbands.”

Braxton’s caption compared her circumstances to TLC’s “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown. During the show, Brown was known for having four wives, eighteen children, and five grandchildren. 

The comical reference seemed to land well with fans, who couldn’t contain their laughter in her comments section. 

“Not Brusbands.”

“Yes, that’s weird.”

“Omfg, they’re brusbands.”

A few fans wanted to know which two of Braxton’s exes wished her ex-husband a happy birthday. Others implied that maybe the men wished him happy birthday due to having a relationship with Braxton and Vince’s son, Logan Vincent Herbert.

“Baby what two [eyes emoji]”

“I could guess one ex… who’s the other one?”

“It’s not weird if they developed relationships bc of Logan…sounds like they all cool ppl to me.”

The conversation stemmed after Da Brat questioned her co-workers on if it’s uncanny for exes to be “too close.” Braxton was first to state her opinion revealing that she happens to be friends with all of her exes

“I’m friends with all of mine,” she continued, “I can totally go out with Vince and his girlfriend, and me and a date.”

Braxton and Hebert seemingly have a healthy relationship today which comes after a semi-ugly divorce. She married her former manager in 2008 and filed for divorce shortly after their nine-year wedding anniversary. During their separation, Herbert was accused of cheating on Braxton and getting other women pregnant.

In addition to possible infidelities, the former pair also endured financial issues on Herbet’s end. The music producer has several accusations spewed on him from former workers who suggested he did not pay them their due diligence. 

Nevertheless, Braxton and Herbert’s main priority now is to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with 9-year-old, Logan.

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