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Tamar Braxton’s Dating History: See Her Exes, Rumored Romance

Tamar Braxton is the passionate baby sister of Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton. The youngest of six has made her mark in the entertainment industry as a singer, songwriter and reality TV star.

While Braxton had a very public divorce from producer Vincent Herbert in 2017, the songstress’ love life has been the topic of many entertainment headlines. Many people want to know Tamar Braxton’s relationship status and who she is dating now?

Who Is Tamar Braxton Dating Now?

Tamar Braxton was born on March 17, 1977. Braxton recently said she is single, telling fans at last month’s Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta, “I’m involved with myself because these dudes out here is for everybody.”

Tamar Braxton’s Dating Timeline

Tamar Braxton’s dating history includes most recent ex-fiancé David Adefeso, on-again, off-again beau Mr. Rikk, former football player Chuck Smith, and “Treat U Right” music producer Tricky Steward.

In addition to those names, Tamar has been married twice, the first time to Darrell , and the second time to Vincent Herbert, whom she shares her only son Logan Vincent Herbert with.

We’ll also take a dive into rumors about Tamar being involved with her sister Toni Braxton’s former man Birdman.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (June 2018 — August 2020)

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Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Braxton and Adefeso met in 2018 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. While Tamar was not yet divorced from Vincent, her and the Nigerian actor’s chemistry was undeniable.

The pair dated for two years and in early August 2020 revealed they were engaged.

Trouble In Paradise

Braxton and Adefeso’s engagement ended faster than it started due to him accusing Braxton of domestic violence, which she denied. Adefeso was also granted a restraining order against his former love and then later dropped it, but also hit her with a cease-and-desist letter after she accused him of cheating.

Where Do They Stand Now?

Though their relationship had a tumultuous ending, the pair seem to be letting bygones be bygones. They were recently spotted together in July at Essence Fest 2022 and shouted one each out for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It seems as if they are in a better place, but are still no longer together.

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert (January 2003 — July 2019)

Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Herbert is a record executive and songwriter and producer who met Braxton through her sister Toni Braxton.

Vince and Tamar collaborated on several of her tracks together and would later get married in November 2008 which changed her name to Tamar Estine Braxton Herbert, and had their son Logan in 2013.

Herbert made multiple appearances on Tamar’s reality TV show with her sisters, “Braxton Family Values.” The pair even went on to have their own reality show, “Tamar & Vince,” which lasted five seasons.

Heading In the Wrong Direction

In 2017, Herbert and Braxton ended up separating due to claims made by Braxton that Vincent had cheated on he as well as Vincent facing financial troubles after Sony Music Group sued the producer for $4 million due to him not achieving the work he promised. Logan’s nanny, the couple’s stylist and makeup artist all accused Vincent of not paying them their wages.

Their divorce was officially finalized in 2019. While Vincent kept his personal and love life private, Tamar once reported that her Logan said Vince was in another relationship. Although this was never confirmed or denied, the former pair now focuses on having a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their only child.

Tamar Braxton and Mr. Rikk (May 2003) (October 2017 – April 2018)

Tamar Braxton dated Rikk way before being linked to Herbert. While it is unclear how they met, the two’s romance didn’t last long at first but would re-spark years later.

Was Tamar Unfaithful?

It looks as if maybe Vincent wasn’t the only one between him and Tamar that had cheating allegations made toward them.

In January 2018 an anonymous woman went to Instagram and Twitter claiming that Rikk and Tamar Braxton were creeping while she was married to Vince. While there’s no confirmation of this rumor, Braxton didn’t denounce it once it came about.

Tamar Braxton and Birdman (June 2002)

Birdman. (Photo: Birdman5Star/Twitter)

While Birdman has been connected to Toni Braxton over the years, they met each other through Tamar. It is rumored that Tamar and Birdman were linked before he became romantic with her sister. However, if that is the case, that would mean that the singer was not faithful to former husband Darrell Allamby.

Tamar Braxton and Darrell Allamby (2000 — March 2003)

Darrell Allamby on Instagram Live. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Herbert wasn’t the first failed marriage Braxton found herself in. In 2000 the R&B singer met Allamby while working together on her debut album, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

The two tied the knot in 2001, but by 2003 they were already done due to them being incompatible, according to Braxton.

Why Did It End?

In a 2015 interview with The Daily Mail, Braxton opened up about her first marriage, stating, “I was with the wrong person, and when I was with the wrong person, it made me feel bad about who I was.”

Tamar Braxton and Tricky Steward (April 1999 — May 1999)

Tricky Steward. (Photo: @trickysteward/Instagram)

When Tamar first started in the industry she ventured into gospel. While exploring her vocal ability, Braxton met record producer and rapper Christopher “Tricky” Steward.

This boyfriend of Braxton’s didn’t last very long, but it is unclear to why. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood between the two.

Tamar Braxton and Chuck Smith (1998)

Chuck Smith. (Photo: @chucksmithtrainingsystems/Instagram)

Now, while there is no definitive evidence Smith and Braxton had relations, the former Atlanta Falcons football player claimed in a scene that was cut from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that he and Braxton hooked up back in the day.

Bravo Didn’t Want to Get Sued

According to YouTube personality Funky Dineva, “RHOA” producers edited out Smith’s alleged conversation due to not wanting to get sued by Braxton and not wanting Braxton’s then-husband Hebert to give the network any problems.

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