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‘Explaining Yourself to Us Means Absolutely Nothing. Getcho Son’: Fans React After Master P Tags His Sons In a Post About Generational Wealth But Forgets Eldest Son, Romeo Miller

Percy Robert “Master P” Miller Sr. is back to dropping gems about education and building generational wealth while subtly taking aim at his oldest son, Romeo Miller. On Monday, Dec. 27, the No Limit Records founder seemingly took responsibility for his parenting style in a video with his sons, Mercy and Hercy Miller, his brother, Silkk The Shocker, and their father, Percy “Big P” Miller.

“Me and Silk daddy, we been through everything,” P said to his dad, while standing next to a Christmas tree. “You know that we couldn’t be here without you, and no matter what we go through, we gone always represent you because without you we wouldn’t be here.”

“But what I want to do here today is break this generational curse when you have all of us here together,” he continued. “I’ve always talked about generational wealth but we got to talk about generational curses. And it’s going to start right there with us.”

The wealthy entrepreneur said, “The first time that I made it, you know what I did; all I talked about was money. So I’m taking full responsibility of what happened with this generation. So it’s not about money no more; it’s about education, knowledge, and wisdom. That’s how we gone get to the next level.”

P shared the same sentiments in the post’s caption, where he took accountability “for being overprotective, sheltering my older kids from the pain and reality of struggles in my rebuilding stages.” At the end, he tagged Hercy, Mercy and Silkk the Shocker and added hashtags like #familyovereverything, #happyholidays, and #freec, in reference to his incarcerated brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller.

The 52-year-old elaborated further in a second video, where he tagged Romeo in the caption. However, he explained that he “taught these boys” — pointing to Mercy and Percy — all about “hard work.” 

“And that’s why we gone be all right,” said the father of nine children, who mentioned his “billionaire-dollar” businesses. “We gon’ put the pieces to the puzzle back together,” he said before Romeo’s grandfather added, “We love you, Rome.”

Fans in the comments had mixed feelings toward P’s remarks, including many who pointed out that Romeo was not tagged in the first video. Some addressed the fact P addressed their family issues once again on social media as he did earlier this month. Others said they wish he addressed family matters privately.

“To keep bringing this up on social media, it really look like what Rome is saying has some validity.. as viewer, WE DONT CARE.. explaining yourself to us means absolutely nothing. Getcho son, go somewhere and work that shit out. In private..”

“Guilty can’t stop posting I can see the hurt in his speech ‼️But when the damage is done what can be changed? Nothing‼️”

“At this point you doing this to ‘show romeo’ up. I never had a relationship with my pops and loved how you and him were so close. I’d be devastated if my pops got at me on social media throwing shade. You’re the elder you shouldn’t stoop to his level. You’re to important to the culture to be doing this.”

“But you lied to your own Son P…kept his chip money…Give that man his money. U owe him that.”

“Just shut up and go fix yourself.”

Master P and his firstborn son went back and forth on social media over mistakes made during Romeo’s childhood and adult life. Initially, it began with P’s post about Ellen DeGeneres’ Show DJ tWitch, who tragically look his own life on Dec. 13, as previously reported.

Romeo called out his father for speaking about someone he doesn’t know and neglecting the personal struggles of his own daughter, Tytyana Miller, who died from a fentanyl overdose in May 2022.

“Today was a boiling point. Seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know,” the reality star wrote in a since-expired post. He said, “Yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

P issued an apology on Instagram, which Romeo viewed as an attempt to gain sympathy from others.

In other deleted posts, Romeo claimed he was never paid by his father’s company, Rap Snacks. He later thanked executives for ensuring he received his first check from the brand that has used his face and likeness for over two decades.

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