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‘You Don’t Want Your Kids to Go Through What You Had to Go Through’: Master P Said His Children Got Ahead in Life of ‘Hard Work’ Not Because of His Success

No Limit Records founder and successful business Percy Robert “Master P” Miller Sr. doesn’t believe that the seeds he planted nearly 20 years ago, coupled with his hard work and contributions to hip-hop and subsequent success, gave his nine children a head start in life. 

During a recent interview with Page Six, the New Orleans native, whose net worth is reportedly $200 million, told the outlet that his children shouldn’t be faulted because their dad thought to make smart life choices.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – SEPTEMBER 17: (L-R) Cymphonique Miller, Master P, and Romeo Miller arrives for VH1’s Hip Hop Honors: The 90’s Game Changers at Paramount Studios on September 17, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

“You can’t blame their life because I started to do right. I don’t want to hear that head start stuff because that is just an excuse,” he stated. “You don’t want your kids to go through what you had to go through. That’s the whole thing; it’s a new beginning. If you look at my kids, they’re humble just like me because every event I’m at, wherever I’m at, every community I’m giving back — helping the elderly, helping at-risk youth.” 

Many of the former athlete’s children have seen success, including sons Romeo and Vercy, better known as Young V, and daughter Cymphonique. Still, Master P said his children have shared experiences with other kids, noting, “My kids play on that same team in some of the worst neighborhoods in the world. So they are not afraid. They have been on the front lines with me since Day One.”

The family man said, “It does not piss me off when people say my kids have a head start,” and he understands “that’s their opinion,” but added, “I know the truth. Because hard work is hard work.”

The former rapper is dad to nine children, seven of whom he shares with his estranged wife Sonya Miller, including 32-year-old Romeo, 31-year old actor Vercy Miller, college basketball player 20-year-old Hercy Miller, daughter Tytyana, Itali, and Inty Miller and their 16-year-old son and athlete Mercy. Master P is also a father to singer and actress Cymphonique, 25, and his 30-year-old adopted son and actor Veno. 

Earlier this month, the businessman spoke on the rise in young deaths in the hip-hop community as he reflected on his upbringing.  “One thing I love about my parents and my grandparents, they never was my friends. When I went to them, I know that I got the real,” he shared. “Stop trying to just have fun with your kids. I just think that’s the only way we’re going to save this culture.”

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