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‘I Believe In Real Brotherhood, Jealousy Doesn’t Exist’: Omarion Speaks On Why He Doesn’t Consider His Former B2K Members Brothers and Forgiving Them for Past Hurt

The unbothered king himself, Omarion, is making the rounds for interviews regarding some upcoming projects such as a new album and work on a television show; his new book, “Unbothered;” and the ongoing drama between him and his former B2K members Lil Fizz, Raz B and J-Boog. This includes a chat with hosts for “The Breakfast Club” — an interview posted to YouTube on Thursday, Sept. 15.

Throughout the years, the once close-knit band of brothers gradually became a bunch of 30-something-year-old men with unresolved drama, trauma and betrayal

While speaking about his former brothers, the lead B2K vocalist noted there was never a true sense of brotherhood among the group. 

“Let’s just take the concept of brotherhood, right,” he said at the 11:54 mark of the interview. “Everybody has a different version of that, unfortunately, because some people don’t actually have siblings; it means different things to different people.” 

He added at the 12:07 mark of the interview, “I would say in one aspect of our journey through our journey, we were put together to be brothers. You know what I’m saying. But I don’t think in essence that we were … It’s almost like we were made to be brothers to be secret enemies.” 

Some could argue the various actions over time, from stealing each other’s girlfriends to revealing information about one another without consent to speaking negatively about one another on the internet, would make for some hidden animosity among the group.

While brothers don’t always get along nor see eye to eye, Omarion believed there’s still a sense of respect and admiration brothers are supposed to have. 

“I believe in real brotherhood, jealousy doesn’t exist,” he said at the 12:45 mark of the interview. “Like you might feel like ‘Well dang look at my bro he going up. I want to be inspired.’ But it never makes you vindictive. It never makes you jealous, it never makes you go past a certain point. With our journey, you know, things have gone way past go.” 

Despite all of the hurt that has gone on within the group, Omarion made sure to note that there are no ill feelings in his heart toward the three men, and he has let go of any grudges he’s once held to tightly.

“I’ve forgiven them,” he began before addressing a question from DJ Envy. “I can forgive you, but at this point in time … our relationship doesn’t serve where I need to be,” he said at the 15:54 mark of the interview, “and the energy that I must keep myself in in order to keep my own peace.”

Fans of the popular 2000s boy band commented with their own opinions surrounding the back-and-forth drama between their favorite childhood group. 
“I wish him and the rest of the B2K members genuine healing.”

“Hopefully the four of them can find that peace that B2K took as they continue to grow as men”

“You can tell this B2K story is deep rooted”

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