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‘Y’all So Petty!’: Lil Fizz Issues Public Apology to Omarion After Dating His Ex Apryl Jones and Causing Group to Split, Apryl Seemingly ‘Unbothered’

Lil Fizz stunned fans everywhere on Oct. 1 after publicly apologizing to his B2K band mate Omarion Grandberry while appearing on the “Millennium Tour.”

The rapper issued the apology because of his former relationship with Grandberry’s ex and the mother of his two children, Apryl Jones.

Lil Fizz (right) apologized to his B2K band mate Omarion (left) during the “Millennium Tour” after dating the singer’s ex Apryl Jones. (Photos: @omarion/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram)

Fizz and Jones — who were rumored to be dating as early as 2018 — confirmed their relationship the following year on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” The former couple ultimately split in 2020. While the pair were dating, controversy surrounding that relationship caused B2K to break up during their reunion tour.

Fizz told Grandberry while making his way to the stage alongside other B2K band mate Raz-B, “I think it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take this moment, bro, to publicly apologize to you. I did some f–k s–t to my brother. … I’m not proud of it, man. So I want to say humbly and sincerely apologize to you for any turmoil and dysfunction I caused between you and your family.”

As the crowd cheered, Grandberry accepted the apology and said, “It’s all good, bro.” When the clip from the Los Angeles show went viral, fans’ opinions regarding the apology were split. Some felt Fizz’s public gesture was needed, while others claimed he’s apologizing because things didn’t work out the way he intended.

“The disrespect was public so I’m glad the apology was as well… ❤️.”

“Wish it never gotten to that point. But hopefully off cameras they are really straight.”

“Normalize holding ourselves accountable for the things we chose to do grown up Ish 🙌”

“People always apologize when things don’t work out in their favor. Had they still been together he wouldn’t be sorry.”

“He just wanna go back on tour since LHHH ain’t came back yet and his only fans ain’t makin no money 😂😂.”

“After all this time? after you done said that was never ya brother or friend ? Foh It Took For him & her to not work out for an apology he could’ve kept that.”

Jones hasn’t responded to Fizz’s and Grandberry’s onstage reunion, but she did post a video hours later seemingly on vacation. The reality star’s fans believed that she was “unbothered” by the apology.

“April said she ain’t apologizing for shit lol 🥴🥴🥴😂.”

“UNBOTHERED! Yes ma’am just the way you should be!”

“Y’all so petty! Why TF would she be apologizing?!’

In 2019, Grandberry announced that he would be headlining the “Millennium Tour” solo alongside Bow Wow by sharing an Instagram upload with the poster that featured Soulja Boy, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, the Ying Yang Twins and Sammie.

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