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‘You Did It Again with the Mother of His Kids’: Fizz Slammed After Suggesting the Real Reason Behind B2K Disbanding Was Due to Him Hooking Up with Omarion’s Crush

The three-hour B2K interview with “Drink Champs” has finally dropped, and Lil Fizz decided to reveal the real reason behind the American boy band breaking up

Once the interview reached the 27:00 mark, Fizz opened up about management playing with the four boys’ money behind the scenes. This prompted the four of them to speak in confidentiality to discuss their next play in separating from their management. 

Fizz explained once all of the boys returned home in California, they had an agreement to stay at their parents house instead of going back to the house management bought them until they found a lawyer and, “figure this s– out.” 

After the boys arrived back in California, Omarion allegedly went against the already created plan. 

“He [Omarion] was like, ‘Yeah, I’m about to go to the movies with them [management],’ we like, ‘Nah, bro, that’s not the plan, what are you doing?’” 

Fizz continued, “That night we get a call from the production company telling us we got a meeting for an overseas tour.”

“The Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star noted how weird the meeting setup felt. Unbeknownst to him, J-Boog, and Raz B, management was prepared to tell them the group was over and Omarion was going solo. 

Confused at how this all came to be, “Drink Champs” host Noreaga insisted there was more to the story that wasn’t being told, and he was right. 

In the interview, J-Boog ordered Fizz to explain the straw that allegedly “broke the camel’s back.” 

Readjusting his placement in the chair, Fizz began to speak, “We at the festival, and we get some drinks. Then we go to Applebee’s and we get some more drinks and we’re talking about the tour. We’re just talking about everything that happened, now, mind you, we all got a plan to leave, we together we brothers.” 

While revealing events that took place on the tour, Fizz admits hooking up with one of the ladies that accompanied them on the tour.

“I was like man I was smashing ‘ole girl the whole tour.”

According to Fizz, once Omarion heard this news, his feelings were hurt due to the “Post to Be” singer having romantic feelings for the girl Fizz hooked up with. 

During his explanation, Fizz imitated Omarion’s reaction which resembled him grabbing his stomach while saying, “‘Oh, I really liked her bro’ and I’m like ‘Bro that’s not your girl like wassup? You Cool?’ ‘Yeah man’ He goes to the bathroom, I’m talking about O, holding his stomach.”

Adamant that the girl was not Omarion’s partner but rather a “random chick,” Fizz further explained how that situation played a huge part in the band’s disband.

“So when we got back and we had this meeting in the dirt field telling us this s— is over, they go to say ,‘We know about y’all wanting to leave, we know about y’all wanting to get out of y’all deal and doing your own thing. I know about you f— such-and-such,’ and I’m like ‘You a b– a– n—.’”

When the comments made its rounds on social media, many B2K fans called out Fizz for “kissing and tellling.”

“Kissing & telling at this big age is crazy.”

“Oh so he been shiesty.”

“So in response you did it again with the mother of his kids????????

Omarion and Apryl Jones were together for years and share two kids together. After their breakup, Fizz began dating the model which reportedly caused a lot of friction between the former bandmates.

Although Omarion has not yet responded to these claims, J-Boog and Raz B did not deny them while Fizz was telling his side of the story.

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