‘Don’t Run from Your Legacy’: Omarion Calls His Former B2K Group Members ‘Background Dancers’ After They Clowned His ‘Verzuz’ Battle, J Boog Responds

While basking in the afterglow of a “Millennial Tour”-stacked “Verzuz” contest, singer Omarion took to his social media to thank Swizz Beatz, Timberland, Mario, and all of the millions of fans that put it in overdrive to watch almost five hours of 2000s music mayhem. The artist celebrated what he saw as a triumph, saying “R&B for the win,” but didn’t shy away from jabbing at his former band members.

On Friday, June 24, the former B2K lead singer announced an upcoming performance with himself and Mario on July 29 at the MGM Grand Harbor in Washington, D.C., on Instagram.

?Don't Run from Your Legacy?: Omarion Calls His Former B2K Group Members ?Background Dancers? After They Clowned His ?Verzuz? Battle, J Boog Responds
Omarion (L) and J Boog (R). Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

He detailed steps he and the other chart-topper will take to make sure the sound system is on point after several technical challenges added to what many believed was not a great performance.

Addressing those who were unhappy with his show, he said, “If you’re lucky enough to be in this business for 22 years you understand that at some point you will experience malfunctions. It comes with being an artist and making yourself vulnerable to the world.”

Joining some of the critics were his former group brothers, J Boog, Lil Fizz and Raz-B, snapping not at his performance but at his constant referencing to the fact he carried the group and did all the vocals.

Raz-B posted a clip from “The Temptations” TV miniseries starring actor Leon as David Ruffin.

In it, Leon delivers the classic line, “I’m the best thing ever happened to this damn group.”

To which Charles Malik Whitfield responded as Otis Williams, the founding member of the Motown boy band, “No one is bigger than the group.”

“I’m the one selling the records. They coming to see me,” Ruffin says in the movie. 

“They coming to see The Temptations.”

“Ain’t nobody coming to see you, Otis. You wish you could work the way I do.”

Raz-B simply captions, “lol.”

Lil Fizz hops in on the jokes with his one Temptations’ post, captioning it, “You got served,” referencing the 2004 movie of the same name where Omarion had a leading role. 

But like a G, Omarion has an “icebox where his heart used to be,” and was unfazed by the shade.

Before ending his post, he directed his caption to Lil Fizz, Raz-B and J-Boog, writing, “To my 3 background dancers, I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been, even while in the group. Praying for my downfall. Well, keep praying cause I’m overbooked and busy. Meanwhile, y’all really gotta get a job other than hatin on O.”

“I heard UPS is hiring,” he concluded his diss.

Omarion responds to his former B2K group members taking aim at his Verzuz performance. Photo: @omarion/ Instagram

Fans commented in a mixed bag of reactions to his dismissal of the guys, with one saying, “This is not very ‘unbothered’ of him.”

Others defended him saying, “Now when he wasn’t saying anything y’all said he should, and now that he is, y’all saying he bothered.”

But it didn’t stop there, Boog decided to hop on Instagram and expose Omarion in an extensive message that has since been deleted.


In his post, he said when they were in the group, the “O” singer was jealous because he and Fizz were the fan favorites. He also claimed that the real reason that the group disbanded was because Omarion snitched on them for messing with girls while on tour. He also took aim at his solo career.

“Don’t run from your legacy,” Boog wrote, “what we did in such a short time still is a major topic. B2K will forever be your origin and from the looks of it the peak fo your career.”

Boog also addressed Omarion’s background dancer diss. “If I was a backup dancer, you were a dancer wit a record deal. Neither one of us was singing fool.”

It is safe to say that B2K reunion 35-and-unders wanted will probably not happen again.

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