‘My Daughter Was Just That Blessing of Balance’: Romeo Miller Recalls Telling His Family He Was Expecting His First Child

Romeo Miller joined the new batch of celebrity dads in 2022, after announcing he was expecting a child with his girlfriend of nearly two years, Drew Sangster. On Valentine’s Day in February, the rapper turned actor shared photos of the couple’s baby girl, nicknamed “Baby R.”

Prior to his sister’s passing, Atlanta Black Star caught up with Miller to chat about life as a girl dad and how he told his family he was expecting his first child. As the oldest of eight brothers and sisters, he said he wanted to make sure everyone was included.

My Daughter Was Just That Blessing of Balance': Romeo Miller Recalls Telling His Family He Was Expecting His First Child
Romeo Miller poses with his daughter, whom he nicknamed “Baby R.” (Photo: @romeomiller/Instagram.)

“I have a group chat so I kind of let most of them know at the same time so they wouldn’t feel some type of way. Me and my brother, Mercy, the youngest in the family, have a special bond. So I think I hit him maybe a little bit before the group chat,” explained the talk show host, saying he told his brothers, Mercy and Hercy, minutes before in a separate text.

He continued, “If it wasn’t on the group chat, I made sure to hit them separately as well because you know how that gets having a big family…everybody wants the deets first.”

When asked how his dad, Master P, reacted to the news, he said, “Honestly, me and my dad, our relationship isn’t what people think like. We’re so close, but it’s based off of respect. It’s based off him being a great father.”

The 32-year-old explained that their relationship is nothing like “best friends” and more like father and son. “And I think maybe my mom was actually literally first. Now that I think about it,” Miller recalled. “I had to let it settle in first before dad, you know. Get to him last after everybody else.”

After 24 years of marriage, Sonya Miller filed for divorce from Master P. in 2013. The former couple had been separated for a decade, but fast forward to 2021, the No Limit Records CEO filed docs to declare himself legally single. His request was granted last month as previously reported, but there are still a few legalities to sort through.

Miller also mentioned that 4-month-old “Baby R” has a closet full of designer outfits, including a “bunch of Burberry clothes” and Moneyatti shoes, which his father formerly owned. “I’m the owner of Moneyatti shoes,” he declared. “So I mean, I can pull strings there. But yeah, she decked out in designer, Moneyatti and Burberry.”

The serial entrepreneur claims the “biggest investment” he made toward his daughter’s future went to books. He said, “My lil’ baby…I know they not supposed to read this early, but this little baby be trying to read already. She’s got a stack of books.”

When his daughter gets fussy, he either plays the “ABC” song “20 times,” his debut album, “Lil’ Romeo,” or Nat King Cole‘s classic hit “Love.”

“L is for the way you look at me,” Miller began singing. “That song…it works like a charm baby. So I’m just giving y’all all the deets out there.”

The new dad said he’s “always wanted” to have kids and now being a parent he’s grown to appreciate the alignment of “manifestation” and God’s timing. He then referenced late actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in 2020, following a silent four-year battle with colon cancer.

“God knows when it’s needed…whatever he wants to put in your life. And my daughter it just came at the perfect timing,” Miller shared. “But I tell people you never know what a person had to go through to actually get those blessings. Even Chadwick, right? You look at his life and career. He was our ‘Black Panther.’ He was our king. He was an amazing man but people didn’t know everything he was going through to get those blessings and that’s why he had all that success.”

Miller looks forward to celebrating his first Father’s Day this month, despite combating issues in his “famous family,” where he sometimes acts as the “third parent.”

But he insists, “My daughter was just that blessing of balance. That blessing of focus, and I can’t even describe what she is to me in my life because she just makes me look at life in a whole different lens.”

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