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‘Angela Somewhere Punching the Air’: Fans Bring Up Angela Simmons After Romeo Miller Shares Photo of His and Drew Sangster’s Two Daughters

Romeo Miller is enjoying the daddy life after welcoming two daughters in the last year.

The rapper-turned-actor and his girlfriend of nearly three years, Drew Sangster, share 1-year-old River Rose Miller and Winter Snoh Miller, who was born earlier this year in March.

On May 10, Romeo shared a precious photo with his two baby girls, writing, “Wrapped around their fingers,” over the photo. “Daddy’s Girls. Daddy’s World.”

ROmeo Miller
Romeo Miller with his two daughters (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram)

The photo features the trio lying together, and captures River tugging on her daddy’s earlobe. Meanwhile, newborn Winter is out of the frame, but her cute little foot was rested next to her dad’s braided hair.

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“It’s the little chunky foot for me,” wrote one fan in the comments. Others continued gushing over Romeo’s photo, but many seemingly forgot he is now a father of two.

“Yo when did he have kids? Omg.”

“Damn when he have 2 kids? I just knew about the one.”

“Aww them babies is growing up but them neck braids ain’t.”

However, a few couldn’t help but bring up the 33-year-old’s old crush Angela Simmons, who is now dating rapper Yo Gotti. It’s unclear if Romeo and Angela have ever officially dated, but they developed a close bond and undeniable chemistry over the years.

One fan said, “That was supposed to be Angela.”

A second wrote, “Angela somewhere punching the air …she in the streets with Gotti while Romeo being family guy – he tried to save her but she didn’t want to be saved.”

Romeo and Angela have entertained the idea of a relationship with each other a few times. In 2018, fans were rooting for the couple to be romantically linked, which came to a halt after Angela’s ex-fiancé and the father of her son, Sutton Tennyson, was murdered. What transpired afterward was a public feud, which the world got a glimpse of during their appearance on “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

“We’re good friends and we got good chemistry, but I am also about respect,” Romeo told Page Six that year. “She lost somebody, and she definitely got to grieve. … I am not a dude to take advantage of that.”

He continued, “That is one of my good friends. I think people just want to see people like that together in general. But you can’t rush that…whatever happens, happens.”

Romeo’s relationship with the 33-year-old mother and entrepreneur has been frayed for some time now. He previously stopped communicating with her after complaining about the men she dated and the revealing thirst traps she shares online. The two also have gotten into heated arguments about various topics, such as Angela contemplating the idea of dating rapper Bow Wow.

However, the two have since buried the hatchet and put the past in the past. In the current season of “GUHH,” Romeo revealed in March to Angela that he was engaged.

Romeo is delighted to be dating Sangster and raising their two daughters, while Angela is busy shopping and traveling the world with Yo Gotti.

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