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‘Y’all Supposed to be Kicking Game’: Soulja Boy Says the OGs ‘Failed’ the Younger Generation

There has long been conflict between the older and newer generation of hip-hop artists,  in which the former has often accused the latter of not honoring those who came before them. 

Earlier this week, outspoken rapper Soulja Boy, who’s feuded with legendary artists such as Ice-T and Kanye West in the past, took to his Instagram Live and delivered a message to those veteran emcees who’ve paved the way for artists like him, accusing them of seemingly not reaching out to the younger class. 

Y'all Supposed to be Kicking Game': Soulja Boy Says the OGs 'Failed' the Younger Generation
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 12: Soulja Boy Visits Blue Midtown on November 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“Don’t get it f-cked up; you gotta work hard, you know what I’m saying? I feel like, in a way, the motherf-cking game failed us because they’re not kicking back enough knowledge to the young n-ggas,” the 31-year-old said during his stream on Monday, May 30.

“They not telling the youngins how to get no money, they not tellin n-ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my youngins out here going crazy. Airing sh-t out, spinning sh-t. ’Cause I feel like they failed us in a way.”

The “Crank That” rapper felt that the artists who’ve been in the entertainment business longer haven’t provided cautionary advice. “All the OGs, you supposed to be kicking knowledge, y’all supposed to be kicking game to the young n-ggas so they really running up a bankroll,” he continued. 

“And that’s the problem. I’m trying to tell you, bro. like, n-ggas look back and be like where did this n-gga go wrong or what happened? I’m like y’all not kicking back no knowledge to the young n-ggas.” 

While many agreed with the “Sneaky Link 2.0” artist, some expressed that many of the seasoned stars he speaks of are still dealing with the consequences of poor career choices due to a lack of knowledge of the music business. In the comments section of a post from DJ Akademiks, one Instagram user wrote, “Cause they still tryna learn how to do dat they selfi know u see em crying bout bad contracts n They want they masters.”

Others noted that after having been in the rap world for nearly two decades, Soulja Boy, born DeAndre Cortez Way, technically classifies with the very recipients of his brutal memo. “N-gga you the old head in the game,” wrote one critic. “But u a og u can do it too this kinda the 1st time seeing him talk calm with sense,” commented another person. 

At the start of the new year, Soulja Boy recently announced that he was making a career shift from his raps and quibbles with his peers to acting. “2022, my new TV show coming out January 21st [with] Revolt TV, shout-out to P. Diddy,” he said in a video. “‘Being Draco,’ new TV show January 21st!”

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