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‘Ain’t No Way This Man Typed That’: Fans Confused After Soulja Boy Respectfully Hits Back at Fan Who Accused Him of Scamming Buyers of His Gaming Console

Soulja Boy has responded back to a fan who accused him of being a scammer

On Sunday, Feb. 5, a Twitter user whose name is @Deontaebiggs shared his frustration after purchasing a TRDR Pocket from Soulja Boy a year ago, with nothing to show for it. 

Soulja Boy. (Photo: @souljaboy/Instagram)

“It’s February 5th, 2023 & @souljaboy is STILL A SCAMMER,” he penned, “where is my TRDR pocket I was supposed to receive a year ago when i ordered it???”

He continued to suggest that Soulja Boy “had no morals by trying to steal from fans who support you. God Knows.”

After the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper heard about his fan’s frustration, he responded, giving @Deontaebiggs an explanation for the delay, blaming it on a chip shortage.

“The microchip shortage in China restricted it. But we will ship them all new ones that are upgraded and double the price they paid for free,” he tweeted. 

“New ones are $400 with A.I. old ones were 200$ they ship this Friday. Sorry for the delay my brother,” Soulja concluded.

It seemed as if there were no longer ill feelings because the Twitter user replied, “Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! [praying hands emoji]” 

Soulja Boy made sure to reiterate his statement writing, “Just so you know I’m serious. You’re in Fort Wayne Indiana. I appreciate your support man let me know when they arrive after Friday shipment.”

After their conversation, the 32-year-old made a public announcement to his 5.5 million Twitter followers giving them a reminder about his TRDR pockets going out for shipment Friday, Feb. 10. 

“Soulja Game 2.0 ships Friday! A.I.!! @TRDRPockets @souljaboygames everyone gets a free one if you ordered 1.0 thanks for your patience!”

In 2018, Soulja Boy introduced his gaming hardware console to the world, however, he quickly ran into some legal trouble with game company Nintendo for violating their Trademark Counterfeiting Act, which forced him to remove his game console from being sold.

That December, he finally spoke out about the allegations in a now-deleted Tweet.

“Nothing is going to happen everything is legit. My console isn’t going anywhere trust me,” he wrote. 

Soulja Boy was right about his console still remaining relevant because in 2021 he announced partnering up with TRDR Pocket, owned by Go Games. 

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star’s attempt to enter the gaming world has been a rocky one, but hopefully he finally satisfies fans with his upcoming product. 

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