‘Mr. T & Slick Rick Wore More Than That’: Soulja Boy Gets Clowned After His Chain Falls Apart During Performance

Rapper Soulja Boy was out performing at a concert when an iced-out medallion fell right off his neck.

Soulja Boy gets clowned after his chain falls apart on stage during his performance.
Soulja Boy gets clowned after his chain falls apart on stage during his performance. (Photo: @souljaboy/Instagram)

The Atlanta native wore a dark-colored tracksuit with no shirt. His rows upon rows of diamond necklaces were the only things on his chest, and he seemed to have the crowd rocking with him as he performed “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”

As soon as Soulja Boy reached the ad-libs on the chorus and started rapping “I miss ya, I miss ya,” the pendant fell off one of his chains and landed on the stage. The clip of this incident was shared on Instagram by No Jumper.

In the comments section, the recording artist himself dropped the laughing with tears emoji as he was clowned by so many fans. Other comments continued to crack jokes on his ice ice baby.

“Boy had them chains since 2007.”

“Break Every Chain , Break Every Chain , Break Everyyyyyy Chain …”

“He gone say First rapper chain to ever break on stage watch.”

“He need to stop buying chains from Urban Outfitters.”

A few hours later the “Crank That” rapper responded in good humor.

“No Jumper,” Soulja Boy said in a video. “If you don’t shut your b##ch a## up and stop posting on your s##t on your blog with just random s##t. I had on a tennis chains. I had on too many chains, first of all.”

He said the piece was “too heavy” for the chain before adding he was going to do a sit-down interview with No Jumper in Los Angeles.

Fans dragged the rapper for his response, saying he was capping about his pendant being too heavy.

“Well if yunno that the pendant to heavy for that chain why tf u wearing it wt it.”

“He had to many chains on in my Soulja Boy voice. Mr T & slick Rick wore more than that and it never happened.”

The value of the “Pretty Boy” rapper’s chains recently were an issue in court in a civil case brought against him by his former girlfriend Kayla Myers.

Myers won a judgment against her ex after suing over a 2019 incident in which she claims he pistol-whipped her at a house party. Soulja Boy’s lawyers were attempting to have the judge dismiss the six-figure judgment, $236,000 in damages and another $236,000 in punitive damages because, despite his millions of streams, tours, and business ventures, their client has been struggling financially, according to Finurah.

The attorney revealed that he lives in a rented home in Los Angeles and pays $25,000 a month to stay there. They also reported that while he has a fleet of cars valued at $600,000, his jewelry, possibly the chains he had on that broke, is only valued at $18,000.

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