Soulja Boy Reportedly Set to Testify In Assault Trial Brought By Ex-Girlfriend Who Alleges She Was Kicked, Pistol-Whipped, Held Hostage By the Rapper

Soulja Boy reportedly has agreed to testify in his upcoming trial to face accusations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

The 32-year-old rapper and entrepreneur is accused of assaulting Kayla Myers back in 2019 during a house party in Malibu.

Myers and the recording artist are set to square off on April 10 in a civil trial in connection with legal claims she lodged against him over the alleged assault.

Radar Online reports Soulja Boy — whose legal name is DeAndre Cortez Way — will sit for the direct examination for about three hours before he is cross-examined for a minimum of two hours. Myers will sit for five hours of direct examination and three hours for cross-examination.

Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy poses for a picture with his SODMG chain. (Photo: @souljaboy / Instagram)

Myers claims that she was involved in an off-again, on-again relationship with the artist when he assaulted her. She said on Feb. 1, 2019, she was at a party at Way’s home, and she tried to leave but was having car issues, leading to an argument with his female assistant.

The lawsuit was filed in 2020 and states that Myers was kicked to the ground. It also states that the “Freestyle” rapper approached the scene and kicked her in the stomach, and hit her in the head with a gun. Myers also claimed that Way told her she was going to die.

She claims a male assistant later took her into his garage and tied her up in a chair with extension cords, and kept her there for six hours.

Myers also alleges that Way’s assistant promised to release her if she performed a sexual act on him, to which she complied, stating that she had no choice. She said that after she was released from the garage, she ran home and called the police.

According to TMZ, the rapper never came outdoors and did not even see Myers, who reportedly attacked the manager and the two began to fight.

Way has denied Myers’ allegations and insisted that she showed up at his house drunk and irate after he ended their relationship. He said Myers crashed her car into a curb on his driveway, alerting several party-goers inside. Way’s female manager, who was also at the party, allegedly came outside and told Myers she had to leave and that she was unwelcome.

Prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against Way for the alleged kidnapping and assault. Way claimed that any injuries his ex-girlfriend suffered were from third parties (the manager), and demands that the case be dismissed.

“Negligent acts of [Kayla] and/or one or more third parties, other than this answering Defendant, was responsible for and proximately contributed to the damages alleged to have been sustained by [Kayla].”

After police were informed, a subsequent search warrant was executed on Way’s house, where police found ammunition that violated his probation for a separate weapons charge he was arrested for and received a 240-day sentence.

Myers’ lawyers claimed that she received three fractured ribs and bruised her face due to the assault. According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Myers will call her father as a witness as well as her psychotherapist. The defendant, Way, will call an assistant who was at the party to testify on his behalf as well as his bodyguard.

Court documents filed by Meyers show the evidence she plans to present to the court, including her hospital bills and medical records. She will also present direct messages from the “Stacks on Deck” artist as well as photographs of her injuries and in the hospital.

Soulja Boy and Myers are set to defend their cases next Monday.

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