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‘How Does He Find All These Receipts?’: Soulja Boy Disputes Claim That Wiz Khalifa Was the First Rapper on Twitter

These days, Soulja Boy continues to spark debate after claiming to be the first to do a list of things.

Most recently, Soulja Boy aka Big Draco claimed he was first to do the money challenge, where artists and fans spell out words with wads of cash.

Soulja Boy (L) and Wiz Khalifa (R). (Photo: souljaboy and @wizkhalifa)

Now Soulja is claiming another first, as he aims for rapper Lil B, who posted on social media that Wiz Khalifa was the first rapper on Twitter.

B tweeted, “Wiz Khalifa was the first rapper I seen on Twitter. This was during MySpace he was already huge on Twitter!”

Soulja said not so fast and pulled out screenshots from his and Wiz Khalifa’s personal accounts, revealing the month and year each joined Twitter.

In the clever caption, Soulja wrote, “Check the dates. Why you just cap like that?”

According to the dates, Soulja Boy joined Twitter in October 2008, while Wiz joined a few months later in February 2009. Even so, the “Black and Yellow” rapper has 30.9 million more followers than Big Draco.

The brief back and forth was reposted on The Shade Room, where roomies in the comments crowned Soulja Boy as the “Receipt God.”

“How does he find all these receipts so fast,” wrote one person, while another said, “And y’all KNOW he has a receipt, don’t play with Draco!”

A third added, “It be his receipts for me. They be checking out.”

In an attempt to clear up Lil B’s statement, one individual wrote, “He said that Wiz was the first rapper that HE had seen. Never said he was the first rapper on Twitter… Reading is fundamental.”

According to another, “Draco definitely got Nicki [Minaj] to sign up for Twitter to leave Myspace. Definitely a goat for that.”

A fifth person added, “I’m convinced he was the first to do everything,” added a fifth person.

Soulja Boy pulled what he considered to be receipts in August 2021 after the game company, Atari, denied his claim that he’s the head and owner of the corporation.

“F**k this contract! F**k Atari! Don’t call me no more. Don’t attach my name to y’all name b***h a** n***a, and I still got the money! Y’all sent me two contracts. Y’all said you wanted me to bring your company back because y’all was proud of what I did with Soulja Boy Game. Here go the contract right here, n***a!” he said. 

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