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‘Go Ask Puff’: Mase Sends Message to Diddy Following Diss Song

Weeks after Diddy caught flak from critics and former Bad Boy signees on social media about his alleged bad business dealings following his “Making the Band” reboot plans, Mase delivered a random diss track, reminding the music mogul yet again that they were not on good terms. 

Still, it doesn’t appear that the 46-year-old is done with his former boss just yet. Mase appeared to have one final message when he returned to social media later in the week–this time for fans. 

Mase (L) and Diddy (R). Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images, Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

During what appeared to be an Instagram Live session, the “Harlem World” musician spoke to fans directly, stating, “All of you that’ll listen to me, you go ask Puff: ‘Why you rip Mase off? Why did you give everybody their stuff back but Mase? Why do you secretly keep hating on Mase?’ ” The rapper added, “That’s the real question, not the silly stuff people tryna’ ask me to divert the conversation.”

During a discussion on Clubhouse, Mase explained his motivation behind the new record “Oracle 2: The Legend of Mason Betha,” which he aimed lyrics such as “We ain’t gang, we ain’t goals, we ain’t family, ain’t foes, and we definitely ain’t bros. We ain’t nothing N—a” at his former boss. He was also accused of exploiting the Notorious B.I.G.’s death.

The “Feel So Good” musician shared that he has made several attempts to sort out his differences with the music executive regarding his musical career and the masters to his discography. The former rapper claimed Diddy has refused to give those back. 

The “What You Want” artist said he’s worked with mediators, including a pastor, to try and come to a resolve, but to no avail. “I think I’ve handled it the way it should’ve been handled,” he said. “From the Bible, I read, from my understanding, when you have a problem, you go to them one-on-one.” 

While many have shot off jokes about the situation, some fans expressed that they would like to see Diddy do right by his former employees., including one Instagram user who wrote, “I like Diddy, but every artist is saying the SAME thing about him. Everyone isn’t lying on him. Hopefully Diddy will make it right…he probably is going to keep them people’s money.”   

Mase shared that he wasn’t “hurt,” but there was no “bond” between the men. “I never said he was my brother,” he said at one point. “We had similar goals. Did we have great music? Yes. … I’m not gonna downplay a whole legacy, but I am gonna say the moment you recognize you’re not going in the same direction, you do have a right to say, ‘Let’s fix this over here.’ ” 

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