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‘Why Post It?’: Tamar Braxton’s Self-Love Post Receives Backlash After Fans Deem the Video Too Risqué

Tamar Braxton‘s fans questioned her intentions on Feb. 28, after the singer shared a sultry video in the name of self-love.

In the Instagram post, Braxton, who is dressed in white lingerie, was seen seductively swaying side to side as a voice track in the background said, “One man’s I’m not ready is another man’s she is exactly what I’ve been praying for.”

Tamar Braxton’s self-love post takes a turn after fans question the singer’s motive behind the sultry video. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

The clip, the 44-year-old informed her followers that she uploaded the recording as an ode to herself to showcase self-love despite all she has gone through.

Within the last two years, Braxton has endured a turbulent relationship and breakup with ex David Adefeso and a purported suicide in 2020. She wrote, “Some of y’all will say this is a thirst trap! And you’re right! But the attention I’m seeking is for MYSELF to MYSELF! This is me in all of my SELF-LOVE GLORY!!”

The singer, added while counting down the days to her 45th birthday, “I will not hide my scars, I will not be ashamed of my past, my flaws, or my body!! I will love ALL of me just as I am! Get ready for all the self love posts for 16 days all the way up to #sttamarsday I’m on the road to 45ine.”

As Braxton’s post began circulating online, a handful of individuals decided to call the “Love and War” songstress out for doing too much, and some even wondered the star’s real motive behind the video.

“You look great!…but no need to post to show the world if it’s for you right?”

“The fact that self love means post it on social media is beyond me but go awff sis.”

“Why is this necessary to show the world what you would wear in the bedroom to show that you love yourself? I’m glad you love your body, probably worked hard for it, you deserve it but this leaves nothing to the imagination. But do you, you’re entitled and it’s your life.”

“If it’s truly for yourself, why post it?”

“More like attention seeking. Self love is more of a quiet confidence…it speaks for itself basically.”

This post comes one month after Braxton shared another self-love upload that included topless images of herself.

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