‘I Was Not Ready for That Second Photo’: Tamar Braxton Stuns Fans with Topless Photos

Tamar Braxton sent shockwaves online on Thursday, Jan.27, after the “Love & War” singer uploaded two topless photos on her Instagram page.

The theme behind Braxton’s post was one intended to encourage self-love. The 44-year-old, who wore a burgundy shirt accessorized with earrings and a necklace before the semi-nude shots, informed her followers in the caption that she decided to fix herself up to take the images.

Tamar Braxton uploads a self-love post, which includes two topless photos. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton said while mentioning the photos’ physical imperfections, “So then ….I dusted my face, put a wig on and took some self-love pics I know it’s not perfect but ima do the work, and fake it till I make it #iwin.”

As fans began to view the upload, many praised the former reality star for her transparency and for sending a positive message. In addition to the positive remarks, others raved over her figure

“Looking perfectly fine to me and ain’t nothing like self-love. Keep loving you.”

“Heavy on the self-love….. Tay lookin great, babe self-love looks great on you, glowing mama.”

“@tamarbraxton Come On Thru Tamar! Self Love Is The Best Love & Shadowwork Is The Greatest Thing We Can Do For Ourselves In This Hour Sis!”

Tamar Braxton Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

“Yess. Love yourself. Self-love is the best love. We’re all striving to have that self-love.”

“Self-worth and self-confidence looks gorge on u doll.”

Among the compliments, one Instagram user claimed they were taken aback by the topless photo while viewing Braxton’s self-love post. That person stated, “I was not ready for that second photo. Kill em.” While replying to the user’s comment, a second individual agreed by saying, “Ok, me neither.”

This isn’t the first time Braxton’s body was a topic of conversation. Earlier this month, the “Hot Sugar” songstress uploaded a thirst trap that showcased her snatched waist and abs in a two-for-one video post. She captioned the clips, “Somebody’s son say I’m looking 19.”

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