‘Love Seeing Y’all Sing With Y’all Brother’: Tamar Braxton Shocks Fans When She Posts Throwback Video of Her Brother Singing with ‘Braxton Sisters’

One of the most talented families in R&B is the Braxtons. Multi-Grammy winner Toni Braxton may be the most notable, but no one can front on the vocal stylings of Traci, Trina, Towanda, or Tamar.

Over the past decade, the public has gotten quite acquainted with the Braxtons and their churchy roots. Their reality show “Braxton Family Values” was one of the first shows targeting the African-American demographic to hit it big on the We TV network. Millions of viewers have watched the sisters fight, work through divorces, raise kids and get counsel from Iyanla.  

And while the show put a lot of their business in the streets, it was on a rare occasion that fans got a chance to see the brother, Michael. On the show, if the fans were blessed with a Michael sighting, he most certainly wasn’t singing.

This is why Tamar’s choir rehearsal throwback video was so special.

In the middle of the week, the “Love and War” singer posted an old video on Instagram of her and her five siblings. A fan posted this video of them singing “God Put a Rainbow in the Sky” back in 2016, and thanks to the Braxton baby sis fans are in a frenzy.

Divided into vocal sections (Toni, contralto; Traci, mezzo-soprano; Trina, alto; Tamar, soprano; Towanda, alto; and Michael, tenor), the ensemble included all the ladies the world knows and loves, and their brother Michael. The family’s matriarch, Evelyn Braxton, directed — reminding all watching who was the woman behind all those awards, Billboard charts, and gold & platinum albums.

She captioned, “One thing you can’t duplicate….PEDIGREE. I’m so grateful for who And where I come from. Where I’ve been… And where I’m going…🅿️✨ #foreverthebraxtongirls.”

Fans in the comments were excited to see Michael. One person commented, “Love seeing y’all sing with y’all brother.”

Phillionaire kept it more general, writing, “SING Braxton Family!!🔥🔥.”

They also noted small details that many who sang in church choirs understood. People noticed the tempo handclap, looking at others to keep their notes and the two cut-ups in the front.

In a statement directed to Tamar, singer Vincent Jackson, aka Mr. Glam Rock Soul, wrote, “When you started your solo part and Toni gave the nod of approval because no one else was singing lead.”

The comments also showed how respected the ladies are for sharing their family with the public.

“BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES gave me the opportunity to see these beautiful sisters to fall in love with TAMAR and they inspired me like nobody did before.”

With an impact like that, the sisters need to do another season.

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