‘Show Out with Thirst Trap’: Tamar Braxton’s Latest Video Has Fans Swooning Over This

Tamar Braxton‘s abs became the overall topic on Monday, Jan. 3, in the singer’s comments section after flooding fans’ timelines with a two-for-one video upload.

In the first Instagram post, the 44-year-old — who is wearing an all-denim ensemble donned with a few jewelry pieces, including hoop earrings and a necklace — is seen serving face as she slightly pans the camera in an up-and-down motion.

Tamar Braxton captivates fans’ attention after uploading a video of her rock-hard abs. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

The other recording showcased Braxton’s snatched waist and abs as the “Love & War” songstress began to walk out of the camera frame. In addition to the videos, Braxton mentioned how somebody’s son brought up her youthful appearance in the caption. She wrote, “Somebody’s son say I’m looking 19.” 

As fans viewed Braxton’s upload, many complimented the star on her fit physique. One individual even praised her for showing out on what that person claimed was a “thirst trap.”

“These abs!”

“Aight show out with the thirst trap! Lol Them abs coming through.”

“Waist is snatched!!! Yaaaas.”

“Your stomach flat as an ironing board.”

“TayTay body always fit and ready.”

Among the admiration, a couple of people played along with Braxton’s caption and pointed out how that unidentified person’s son was telling the truth when mentioning her ageless appearance. One said, “Somebody’s son told the whole truth!!!!” 

Another social media user claimed that Braxton’s darker tresses were the reason behind her youthful look. That person wrote, “You do tho! This black hair is giving what it’s supposed to. You look 18 fashoo.”

This isn’t the first time that Braxton’s body stole the show. In November, while on the set of a music video for Nigerian artist Peter “Mr. P” Okoye’s “I Love You,” Braxton grabbed fans’ attention by uploading a clip of herself dancing along to the track.

The star was dressed in black lingerie paired with fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots. While promoting the single that also featured herself and other Nigerian singers Teniola Apata and Simi, Braxton captioned the recording, “Been humble. I love you.”

Details regarding Braxton’s slimmer figure have yet to be released.

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