‘Messy’: Aisha Tyler Responds to Being Mistaken for Sasha Obama In a Photo with Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Aisha Tyler, former co-host of “The Talk,” was mistaken for the youngest Obama daughter, Sasha, at a restaurant in Hollywood called Mother Wolf.

The photo shows Tyler smiling and walking over to power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z as they have a date night out. Tyler took to Twitter and retweeted the photo that has since been taken down from “The Daily Mail.”

Aisha Tyler (L) and Sasha and Maila Obama (R). Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage, ONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP via Getty Images

“Dear @DailyMailUK: I VERY much appreciate you mistaking me for the lovely 20-year-old Sasha Obama. I’ll assume that was due to my buoyant, youthful appearance & not just messy journalism.”


Tyler isn’t shy and had fun with the post, but it was seemingly all in good humor. She continued by following up with a post about meeting and seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z. “Regardless, it was fantastic to see the legendary @Beyonce & Jay-Z at dinner. They were dazzling and gracious (especially to my friend @JarettSays, just out of frame) & the meal at #motherwolfla was truly spectacular. Can’t wait to go back!” Tyler posted.


Although Tyler and Sasha Obama look nothing alike, one fan suggested that The Daily Mail assumed it was Sasha by the way she was dressed.

“SCREAMING. I think they got it from this account who did it on purpose because Sasha dresses like that.”

Another fan remarked on their height difference. “Omg I didn’t realize that was you but I was like wow Sasha got really tall.”

In the past, Tyler has opened up about her appearance, her height specifically. She can find humor in so much and has been open-hearted as well as witty when engaging with journalists.

“People remark on my height but I’ve been this tall since, I was like 5 foot 8 inches in the third grade,” Tyler continued, “I’m just a giant from a very young age and I was also the only Black kid in my school.” She mentioned that she was also the only “poor kid” and that she grew up on an ashram for a while because her parents were meditation transcendentalists.

It’s clear that her humor has been helpful to her personally and helps now that she has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of decades at this point.

“I’m…incredibly self-deprecating, which also comes from kind of being a little bit of a loner,” Tyler said.

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