‘She Lost Some Weight Since the Last Pap Pics’: Sasha Obama’s Weight Loss Transformation Has Fans Noticing Her Toned Physique

Last September, Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, was photographed at a Labor Day party in Los Angeles with a hint of her belly showing between her bikini top and sweatpants, and critics ran with harsh remarks about her weight.

Now she boasts a remarkable new physique, leaving the haters nearly drooling over photos of her during a workout at the gym.

The shift comes after she faced public scrutiny and speculation about her weight gain, with some even suggesting the recent USC graduate might have been pregnant based on earlier, unflattering images. Now, the once little girl who grew up in the White House is stunning observers with her her impressive transformation.

Sasha Obama's weight loss
Sasha Obama’s weight loss transformation takes fans by surprise. (Photo: Karwai Tang / WireImage via Getty Images)

One snapshot captured Sasha on a treadmill, sporting cream and red Nike sneakers, while another showed her leaving the gym with her braids pulled back and sunglasses to avoid the media’s gaze. The former first daughter was dressed in black biker shorts and a matching crop top, drawing attention to the toning of her mid-section and a more athletic build. Despite trying to be incognito, Sasha appeared unbothered by whoever was around after completing her workout.

Pictures show that she started working out and seeing results in October 2023, when another person snapped a shot as she approached her car after a gym session.

One X user posted the flick just a month after she was dragged for the extra pounds, and wrote, still mocking her remarkable progress, “Sasha Obama, working hard at the gym, does everything except a— exercises.”

Social media users on Lipstick Alley reacted to the recently published photos, with many praising her progress. Comments included, “Good for her. Looks like she lost some weight since the last pap pics.”

Another joked, “What I need to be doing! She looks good.”

“Stunning good. Good to see her look after herself,” one said, as someone else wrote, “She looks healthy.”

One person who honed in on areas needing improvement warned not to give her props too quickly: “No, she needs a personal trainer. Stop smoking and drinking for a year and do some weight training.” At the same holiday party last year, photographers caught Sasha with friends laughing and smoking as she held a cigarette in her hand.

Smoking is also a vice that her father has publicly spoken about his struggles with giving up. A picture of Sasha in her car, the same day of her working out, shows her smoking a cigarette also. However, she has not publicly mentioned a desire to quit the nasty habit.

Others highlighted her composure under constant public scrutiny, saying, “Let this young lady work out in peace, geez! She looks great though.”

Some X users believe that one of the reasons why people are so obsessed about the Obama girls, in particular Sasha, is because of a far-right racist agenda.

“What’s so ‘great; about Barron trump and what’s so ‘bad’ about Sasha Obama and how they where raised ? They are two young adults of famous families,” one person asked. Another replied, “Just a racist rooted grift.”

The original tweeter said, “My thoughts exactly.”

In fact, the first X user to push the transformation photo is linked to MiddleMaga.com, a site that pushes right wing conspiracies to Black and brown people, encouraging them to be “independent thinkers.” On the initial post it seemed to compliment her working out, but then it ends with a nasty diss about her post-graduation summer shape.

A reply under his post also floats the idea that Sasha might have been with child.

Left-wingers were quick to call out the cyber bullying and said that this was something that has been happening to first kids for a minute, including Chelsea Clinton, Amy Carter, the Obama girls and Baron Trump.

The Bush twins also were subjugated to the “treatment” and dragging online just because their dads were presidents.

While politically tainted speculation surrounds Sasha’s weight wars and paints her as an undisciplined wild child, there are some who love her to pieces and are just glad she is healthy.

Like her mom.

In June, her parents celebrated her 23rd birthday, with her mom Michelle Obama posting a picture of the two in an embrace on her Instagram page. While Michelle is always dolled up, it was shocking for many to see Sasha dressed up in a beautiful flowing dress, heels, full makeup and a loving smile.

The caption on her post read, “Happy birthday, Sasha! You make me so incredibly proud. Hope this year brings you everything you want and more. Love you.”

The Forever Flotus’ 57.2 million followers chimed in on flick.

“Wow! Baby girl has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Not surprised. The Obamas are a beautiful family,” one person wrote.

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