Soulja Boy Rants, Posts Supposed Contract After Atari Sets CEO Record Straight

Soulja Boy went off on Atari after the video game company denied his claims of being its new owner and CEO.

Soulja Boy cussed Atari out after the game company denied his claim he’s the head and owner of the corporation. (Photo: @souljaboy/Instagram)

In an Instagram Live video shared on Aug. 19, Soulja Boy proudly rocked an Atari fitted cap as he announced to his fans that he signed a deal with Atari and that is “now the owner of Atari” then declared himself the “first rapper to own a video game company.”

Atari set the record straight on their Twitter page that same day, refuting the rapper’s claims. “We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen,” reads a tweet from the brand’s account.

When word of the tweet made its way back to the “Turn My Swag On” artist, he made his feelings toward the company perfectly clear and nixed the idea of any future partnerships between them.

“F**k this contract! F**k Atari! Don’t call me no more. Don’t attach my name to y’all name b***h a** n***a, and I still got the money! Y’all sent me two contracts. Y’all said you wanted me to bring your company back because y’all was proud of what I did with Soulja Boy Game. Here go the contract right here, n***a!” he exclaimed while sharing a page of purported legal document with followers.

The profanity-laced rant continued with Soulja Boy continuing to stand firm on his claims that Atari came to him to “help” the company and reminding everyone that he doesn’t need them or their money.

Atari seemingly responds to Soulja Boy’s claims: “We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen”

Fans pointed out that Soulja may be in the wrong on this one because his initial claim was that he was the new head of the company, instead of promoting what, to them, seemed to be more of a marketing partnership.

“asking for help .. and becoming a CEO are two different things 😂 go off tho”

“Bro, the issue is that you said you were the CEO. Atari determined that was a lie. They wanted you for marketing purposes, you just didn’t read it.”

“Bro argues with someone new everyday how the the hell you gonna fight with the people who made Pac-Man”

“Being signed to a deal doesn’t make u owner 🤣”

Soulja Boy promotes his own game system after falling out with Atari. @souljaboy/Instagram

Since the end of his short-lived relationship with Atari, the producer has returned to promoting his own game console system, Soulja Boy Game.

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