‘I Don’t Get It’: Zonnique Pullins Defends Her Previous Remarks About Not Spoiling Her Daughter Hunter After Receiving Backlash

Zonnique Pullins is defending her previous comments about not spoiling her 1-year-old daughter Hunter James after receiving massive backlash.

The reason behind the flak was because fans felt that “The Mix” host’s wording and demeanor were inappropriate when talking about the luxuries James gets coming from a family filled with celebrities. In the viral video that seems to have originated over the holidays, Pullins says while pointing to James’ toy box, “Those are Hunter’s toys. She has an option to play with these toys every day, and that’s it, b–h. That’s it.”

Zonnique Pullins defends the previous comments she made about not spoiling her daughter Hunter James. (Photo: @zonniquejailee/Instagram)

As Pullins’ clip began circulating on social media blogs, she took to Instagram Live on Jan. 11 to address the situation during a Q&A session with her followers. She said on mark 1:11, “I’m all over the blogs because I said my child wasn’t nobody? Yep, I did, and I meant like a celebrity. I meant like she’s not a celebrity like obviously, she is because the streets can’t stop talking about her.”

Pullins added that she was joking despite what the recording supposedly portrays to others. “I said I wasn’t going to spoil. Ir, I was joking. Obviously, she’s spoiled already. If I don’t spoil her, she has a million other family members that will. That’s the thing so y’all want to be all up on the hoopla about my child, I don’t get it.”

When asked about how many toys James owns, Pullins quipped on mark 2:06, “Y’all got my kid f–ked up. She own hella toys, and she own way more clothes than y’all got in your closet right now, I’m telling you… But the fact still remains I won’t be spoiling her, so y’all can put me on the blogs all y’all want to. I’m not about to be buying Hunter toys every day.” The mother of one wrapped up that particular answer by stating her daughter is “spoiled.”

Pullins’ final question regarding the situation was why she said what she said in the viral video. The reality star explained that although her daughter was born into a glamorous lifestyle of having a famous mother and being the grandchild of T.I. and Tiny Harris, she chooses not to do the extremes when raising James.

She said, “Because why not? Why is that hurting Hunter cause I said she ain’t nobody? Is that hurting y’all feelings like bad? Like, y’all think she going to grow up and say like damn my mama said I was nobody. She’s already somebody that’s what y’all don’t get so me saying that don’t change nothing. If Hunter was nobody, y’all wouldn’t be putting her on no weak a– blog sites.”

Pullins concluded her statement by informing her fans that’s she’s not going to spend her “hard-earned money” on maintaining a glamorous lifestyle for her daughter. “I’m not about to be out here, mother f–king spending all of my hard-earned money to make sure she has this glamorous life because she already got it. She live good. She got her own bed, and she got her own bathroom that she can’t even use.”

Pullins welcomed her daughter on Dec. 15, 2020.

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