‘What’s Wrong with My Nose?’: Zonnique Pullins Shocks Fans, Opens Up About Another Botched Surgery— See Before and After Photo

Zonnique Pullins is keeping it real with her fans about her latest surgery that affects her appearance and that she seemingly regrets.

Pullins was on live with some of her Instagram followers recently and was in the middle of talking to them about making sure their children pay attention in class because she was not attentive in school. Shortly afterward, a fan asked her what was “wrong” with her nose.

Zonnique Pullins opens up about nose job. (Photo(:L) by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images (R) @zonniquejailee/Instagram)

The 25-year-old did not shy away from the question and instead leaned more into the camera, placing her fingertips on her nose. She replied, “I just got it done by this doctor here. Maybe I shouldn’t have went to the doctor here.” As she continued to look at it she said, “no for real it do look a little weird on this side like it look like drooped.”

Pullins, who was seemingly unbothered, never specified when she got her nose done and went on to talk about another subject. But the fans were not letting it go in the comments. One person said, “She was pretty! She did not have to touch her face at all!” Someone else said, “There was nothing wrong with her nose to begin with. One bad job always leads to more unnecessary surgeries.”

A third person wrote, “When will she learn surgery is not for her.” Another surgery Pullins has had prior to this one is eye color change surgery in 2015. After watching her mom, Tiny Harris, go through the process, Pullins went to Tunisia in North Africa to have the same procedure done, but the results affected her differently. She said she was told that the BrightOcular implants used to achieve a blue eye color for her could cause permanent damage.

Three years after getting them done, she got a reversal surgery to get her color back to brown. In an episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle,” while recovering from the reversal surgery, she said, “When I first found out how serious the situation was, I was so emotional. It’s really not something I want to go through again.”

The mother of one has yet to say if she will take steps to get her nose fixed or if she will leave it alone.

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