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‘Here for the Decor’: Zonnique Pullins Shows Off Her Daughter’s Nursery That Mom Tiny Harris Helped Put Together

Zonnique Pullins gave fans a view of her daughter Hunter Zoelle James‘s safari-themed room on March 4 while sharing an Instagram Story thanking her mom Tameka “Tiny” Harris for helping get the infant’s nursery together. 

In the clip, Pullins panned to each section of the room as she showcased the emerald-and-white color-coordinated space — with Hunter’s name everywhere — while also flaunting a massive mural that included many animals, like tigers, lions, and zebras. In the caption, she wrote, “My mommy got my babys nursery all the way together!! Thank you to @kapeshdesigns for designing everything.” Many fans shared expressed what they thought about the nursery.

Zonnique Pullins thanks mom Tameka “Tiny” Harris for helping get her daughter’s nursery together. Photo:@zonniquejailee/Instagram

“This is really cute 😍.”

“Here for the decor 😍😍😍.”

“Damn this fireeeeee asf lol I knew tiny would be THIS type of grandma 🔥🔥🔥.”

“That safari theme for Hunter 😍.”

“I actually love this! Not the typical girly pink but still so classy 😍.”

Zonnique Pullins and Tiny Harris. (Photo: @zonniquejailee/Instagram)

As fans fawned over the infant’s room, others mentioned how cute her name was. One wrote, “Never met a girl Hunter 🥺 that’s cute!!”

Another said how much they loved the name Hunter. “I loved the fact she named her daughter Hunter 😍.” 

An Instagram user suggested a nickname for Hunter. “Guess you can call her Hunny… that might be cute!”

On Feb. 12, Pullins revealed the name that she and her rapper boyfriend Israel “Bandhunta Izzy” James gave their baby girl, Hunter Zoelle James.

The 24-year-old admitted that the name Zoelle — that she made up — almost became her daughter’s name, but they decided on Hunter after constant conversations with her mom and boyfriend. 

“I was going to do Zoelle Hunter James. Then my mom was trying to act like it sounded better being like Hunter Zoelle James,” Zonnique began. “Anyway, her name was going to be Hunter for the longest. I put it in Izzy’s hands because people was driving me crazy. I’m like, ‘Izzy, it’s whatever you want.’ Zoelle was what he wanted, so I’m telling my mom like ‘Cool it with the Hunter. … Stop trying to throw Hunter down everybody’s throat. It’s Zoelle, and we can just make Hunter her middle name.'”

She added, “Probably two weeks before I was going to the hospital to have her, Izzy said he wanted her name to be Hunter. So Hunter Zoelle James it is, but y’all can call her Zoelle if y’all want. If ya’ll just so in love with the name I made up I don’t mind that. I don’t mind that at all. … She has nothing that says Hunter on it.”

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