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‘We All Need To Take Notes’: Kaavia James Hilariously Plays Role as Teacher, Holds Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Others as Her Students

Class is in session at Kaavia James’ school and she will not accept anyone skipping out on her class.

On Monday, Jan. 10, Gabrielle Union posted a cute video of her attending her daughter Kaavia’s class. Her husband, Dwyane Wade, and two other unknown adults were also present as Union’s classmates. The four adults sat in each corner of Kaavia’s spacious playhouse as the toddler proceeded to teach them about “a bird, a coconut and a monster.”

Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James (Photo: @kaaviajames/Instagram)

Later in the clip, Kaavia’s father raised his hand and asked permission to go to the restroom. While she approved the request she also asked “could you come back to school please.” Wade playfully sighed and another man soon asked if he could go and she also said he would have to return to school now. Both men then changed their minds on having to go to the restroom and decided to reluctantly stay for the rest of the lesson.

Union, playing along, became the teacher’s pet and told on the men for attempting to pull a trick on Kaavia. She said, “I think they were trying to go to the bathroom to get out of going to school.” “No you’re coming back,” Kaavia replied. Union said, “I don’t think they are.”

To confirm, Kaavia turned toward the man asking if he would come back once he used the restroom, and once he confirmed she turned to her dad and asked, “You too daddy?” The former NBA star asked his daughter, “What are we learning about.” She responded by spelling it out for him “K-A-A-V-I-A.” Wade said “Oh we’re learning about Kaavia. Oh ok. I’ll stay.”

Union responded, “So it’s Kaavia’s school where we learn about Kaavia” before the clip ended.

The “Bring It On” actress wrote more about the video in the caption saying, “@kaaviajames basically said “JUMP! Do it expeditiously!” Her version of school is straight outta #LeanOnMe and @dwyanewade is “Sams” and I, of course is the teacher’s pet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor @chefrli just stuck!!”

Kaavia’s fans also responded to the video. One person said, “I’m ready to sign up for The Kaavia School today.” Someone else said “We all need to take notes,” and another wrote, “Yes, Kaavia School is essential for the rest of u that don’t understand the principles of @kaaviajames, sheesh, that’s why there is a school.”

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